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VR Social Apps and Games

One thing that makes virtual reality stand out from traditional 2D forms of entertainment is that it’s not only immersive but interactive: You can socialize and explore the digital world with way fewer limitations than on other platforms. That’s why social apps are among some of the most popular VR apps out there. VR social apps let users connect with old friends and make new friends from around the world in a casual, fun online space. In these apps, you can even watch videos together, play games, and build 3D creations of your own.

VRChat is a highly trafficked social app where VR gamers can meet, chat, explore, and build rooms and worlds. Their imagination is the only limit! Avatars are highly customizable, so they can represent whatever side of yourself you want to show off, whether you want to look like your real-world self or role-play as any type of made-up character.

VRChat logo

Rec Room is another super-popular casual social app. The avatars here are simpler than what’s offered with VRChat, but some people prefer that charming, cartoonish look. People like Rec Room because it offers great spaces where people can meet up to play games or even invent their own games.

Rec Room logo

AltspaceVR is a VR social app that puts an emphasis on events. Think of it as a virtual meetup space where people can join clubs, attend concerts, and connect with interest groups. You might see a well-known musician offering a concert on AltspaceVR or a meetup group for people who want to meditate together. You’ll find self-help groups, karaoke, open-mic nights, and casual hangouts meant to make new friends.

AltspaceVR logo

One of the oldest VR social apps, vTime XR is cross-platform, allowing people on headsets or smartphones to play together in VR or AR modes. The app features vacation-like destinations where people can gather to chat and take and share photos. The app is not as versatile as other social apps, but it’s very accessible and easy to use, hosting fans who don’t want to give this app up even as other apps pass its capabilities.

VTime XR logo
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