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20 Coolest Places to Visit in VRChat

If you’re not familiar with VRChat, you should know that it’s one of the most innovative online virtual world platforms around. Players don avatars — either realistic ones based on their own appearance, pop culture characters, or other fun virtual personalities — and explore different worlds. These worlds can range from relaxing atmospheric homes to virtual games that players can enjoy with others. Currently, VRChat is available on Steam as well as a variety of virtual reality headsets, like the Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2) and the Valve Index.

The VR Space research team set out to find the best VRChat worlds to experience. Here are some of our favorites.

(created by Big Al)

Big Al’s is a must-visit world for anyone new to VRChat, as it’s one of the best VRChat avatar worlds available. This location is filled with more than 200 different avatars, nearly all of which have eye tracking and mouth movement. It’s a great place to add some fun avatars to your arsenal.

20 Places_ Big Al's Avatar Corridors-2
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(created by spookyghostboo)

The Black Cat is a popular location in VRChat and is considered one of the best VRChat worlds. Featuring a restaurant, two bars, stages, and many lounge areas, The Black Cat is the perfect place for socializing. There are also many objects you can interact with throughout the restaurant.

Winter Company

(created by Lucifer MStar)

This wintery world will make you feel cozy any time of the year. It features a multi-floor home interior as well as an outdoor space that has lounge areas, a bar, and a hot tub. Keep an eye out for some friendly cats inside the house as well.

(created by Bronx)

Fulfill your dreams of becoming Spider-Man for a day by visiting the Spider-Lair. This fun map lets you swing from building to building using your web shooters just like Spidey. There are also some addictive mini-games, including a side-scrolling arcade game and a chance to test your web-slinging abilities by playing “The Floor Is Pizza.”

(created by Jar)

Love playing Overcooked? This world allows you to play a similar version of the popular cooking game in virtual reality. Navigate your way around this virtual kitchen while taking orders, cooking food, and serving customers before time runs out.

Putt Putt Quest

(created by Ostinyo)

Try your hand at this virtual mini-golf game! Set in a medieval village, this course features 18 holes of mini-golf complete with a windmill obstacle and jaunty themed music. You can also choose the color of your golf ball and the height of your putter.

Happy Hill Dog Park

(created by Dr.Kim)

What better way to unwind after a long day than to pet and play with puppies? This lush forest dog park allows you to play fetch with a variety of adorable dogs, which you can, of course, give lots of head-scratches to. There’s also a campfire and stream to create a rustic atmosphere.

(created by ImLeXz)

The setting of this chill world is a rooftop on a dark, rainy night. There are indoor and outdoor areas, markers, ambient music, and more. It’s the perfect place to calm down and relax with friends.

Home of the Time

(created by fr1ed)

This gorgeous house is like a floating island with a day/night sky cycle. The homey interior is spacious, and the outdoor areas include statues, gardens, and lounge areas. It’s a perfect world to relax in and enjoy the scenery.

(created by spookyghostboo)

Bowling is a ton of fun, especially when you can play with friends. This world has four bowling lanes. You can bowl against six players. The space is beautiful and has a fun retro aesthetic. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends and have a good time. 

Magic Freeze Tag

Play a game of classic freeze tag with friends both old and new. Keep your eye out for traps and magical walls that may thwart your plans.

(created by spookyghostboo)

You first enter this beautiful multi-story property via a dock on a lake. There’s a pool with inner tubes, a playable billiards table, and multiple places to watch movies and listen to music. Bonus points if you find your way up to the rooftop!

The Great Pug

(created by Owlboy)

Another great event space, The Great Pug features a bar as well as multiple seating areas. The original world is PC-only, but there is a smaller alternative space on the Meta Quest 2 called The Great Pug – West.

Murder 4

(created by Jar)

This whodunit-style virtual reality game is set in a luxe mansion. Players adopt themed avatars and set out to find out who in the group is secretly the murderer. Search for in-game clues and discover weapons around the map to help you win.

Squid Game RL/G

(created by Ostinyo)

Fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game will appreciate this virtual reality version of the game Red Light, Green Light that has become notorious in the TV show. Which character will be the first to reach the finish line?

Spirits of the Sea

(created by Maki Maki)

There are a variety of sea-themed lounge areas in this serene house. Look out the windows of this beautiful home and you may see fish and jellyfish swimming by. Keep an eye out for crabs inside the house as well!

Cozy Cabin

(created by ~Sam)

Embrace the hygge lifestyle by visiting this cozy world. This warm cabin is set in a snowy landscape and has multiple fireplaces, markers to write messages to friends, and more. It’s a great place to meet with friends on a cold day.

Among Us

(created by Jar)

This world is a virtual reality take on the hit multiplayer party game Among Us that lets you interact with tasks in a space-themed setting. Try to finish your tasks and eject the imposters before they kill you!

Haunted Asylum

(created by Ostinyo)

Love horror video games? Haunted Asylum is the perfect world for you. Grab some friends and try to find your way out of a creepy, abandoned asylum, but beware of what may be lurking in the dark. There are plenty of ways to have fun in VRChat. It doesn’t matter whether you like visiting relaxing houses or partaking in thrill-seeking games; there’s bound to be something in VRChat for you to enjoy.

Summer Solitude

(created by Lucifer MStar)

If winter isn’t your thing, Summer Solitude is the world for you. The highlight of this unique world is the outdoor lounge space, which features a perfect summer view of Hong Kong. The movie room is a must-see as well.

Our Top 5 Favorite VRChat Worlds Right Now

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