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Top Virtual Reality Headset Games

There’s no doubt that virtual reality video games are among the biggest draws of this technology. The average person who owns a VR headset probably wants to play games on it. It’s no surprise because VR games are unlike any other video games out there! They simulate a real-life experience that gets your adrenaline pumping, helps you burn calories, or lets you explore new worlds you’d never get to visit otherwise. Whether you’re playing solo or co-op, there’s a world of great choices. Many games can be played by PC, PlayStation, and Oculus users alike, but there are also many too good not to mention that are exclusive to a particular platform. Here are ten of the best VR game choices for a variety of platforms.


Jurassic World Aftermath

Platform: Oculus

This is your chance to visit the ruins of the park from the Jurassic Park films and books! To escape the park, you must solve a series of puzzles while avoiding the dinosaurs. It’s definitely good for a few thrilling scares, and fans will love the chance to feel like they’re really visiting the pa
Beat Saber logo

Beat Saber

Platform: Oculus, PS VR, HTC Vive

This music and rhythm game is a great pick for people of all ages. Enjoy popular hits and Beat Saber special mixes as you try to slash your colored sabers in the correct direction to break the colored cubes. If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero, you’ll be reminded of it. This game gets you moving and offers a good selection of campaign challenges as well as straightforward solo songs.

Half-Life: Alyx

Platform: Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Valve Index, HTC Vive

Fans have been waiting for a new entry in the Half-Life series for a long time, and now, that installment is here in VR. Control Alyx Vance and survive shootouts in City 17 while immersed in the deep lore of the world of Half-Life.

No Man's Sky VR

Platforms: PS VR, Oculus, HTC Vive

For anyone who loves the voyaging and exploring aspect of VR games, No Man’s Sky is a perfect choice. You can explore an entire galaxy and play the game in whatever way you wish: hunt for resources, assemble a ship fleet, or build a base.

Rec Room

Platforms: PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus

Rec Room is a social sandbox where you can meet up with friends, play solo, or interact with others online. Make sure your mic is on to use the voice chat function. You’ll be able to pick up and throw objects as well as play some mini-games. This game is a great choice for VR beginners.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Platforms: PS VR, Oculus

The Room VR is a beautifully designed game that takes place in a historical London that’s rich with details. The gameplay is similar to an escape room: If you want to proceed, you’ll need to solve the puzzles by finding objects, keys, buttons, switches, and a range of interesting clues.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus, PS VR

Live the dream and become a member of Starfleet! You can even choose your position out of four key roles on board. Navigate hazards as you travel through space, relying on good communication with fellow crew members. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is more enjoyable in multiplayer mode, but you can also voice-command other AI crew members in solo mode.


Platforms: Oculus, PS VR, HTC Vive

This is one of the best platforming games available in VR. You play as a mouse named Quill who needs to save her uncle from a fire-breathing snake. The design of this game is beautiful. It has a storybook feel where the different stages are set up to look like dioramas.

Vacation Simulator

Platform: Oculus, PS VR, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Valve Index

The perfect game choice for VR travelers, Vacation Simulator allows you to explore a variety of settings. There are plenty of hilarious robot companions to guide you through three different vacation destinations.

Superhot VR

Platform: Oculus, PS VR, HTC Vive

This unique puzzle/combat game has an interesting mechanic: Time only moves when you do. The object of the game is to fight your way out of rooms full of AI attackers. Freeze to avoid danger, then make your next move carefully!
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