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How Much Are VR Games?

It’s no secret that VR headsets can be costly, and some also need to be connected to a high-powered PC. After investing in hardware, it only makes sense that you’d be concerned about the cost of games and other apps for your device. How much do VR games cost? Do you need to spend a lot more money to have fun in VR? The answers may surprise you.


How Much Does a VR Game Cost?

VR game prices vary widely: Some games are free, while others can cost as much as $60. Games coming from big studios are more likely to have a higher price point, especially when you compare them to indie games and games from smaller studios, which will often have lower prices to encourage people to try them out.

Are VR Game Prices an Indication of Quality?

Not really: Spending more money doesn’t guarantee that a game will be more fun. In fact, depending on your tastes in games, you may find that you prefer a low-key game that only costs $2 over a popular game that costs $60. Make sure to read the reviews of any game you’re looking at before clicking “buy” to see if it sounds like a good pick for you.

Where Do You Buy VR Games?

Steam is the most popular place to buy VR games, as it boasts a wide variety of games at a range of price points and is compatible with most headsets. If you have an Oculus headset, the Oculus Store is also a good place to buy games. But if you have a PS VR headset, you’ll need to stick with buying PlayStation games, either from their PlayStation Store or from wherever you typically buy physical copies of video games. Keep an eye out for sales on any of these platforms if you want to avoid paying full price for VR games.

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