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A Guide to VR and VR Games for iPhones

Your iPhone is the most affordable way to jump into the world of VR. There are a lot of great options for playing VR games and using apps, but if you want to get your feet wet, instead of diving right in, the headsets for iPhone are the least expensive options on the market. Many models are less than $100 and don’t require any other console or gear to start using the headset.

Best Headsets for iPhone VR

To use these headsets, you’ll insert your phone into the hardware, behind the lenses, and then start your VR apps. Not all smartphone VR headsets are specifically compatible with iPhone, so make sure you’re choosing a device that will pair with it.

The best headsets to connect to the iPhone are:

  • VR Wear
  • Bnext
  • V5 Desktek
  • VR Empire
  • Altasonix
  • Merge
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The Most Exciting Apps and VR Games for iPhone

iPhone VR apps have a good balance of fun and functional. There are plenty of games that will make you feel like you hopped into your phone screen: You could hone your aim with games like Zombie Shooter VR and VR Space Stalker, for instance.

Virtual reality also has professional uses: It might even be the solution for those with public speaking fears or social anxiety or just people who really want to nail their next interview. VirtualSpeech offers a virtual audience to simulate a lifelike crowd experience with lower stakes.

Practice your speech or interview with feedback on your eye contact, filler words, and hesitation words to improve your skills. Other people might want to use VR for a cheap and simple travel experience. Try VR Mojo Orbulus to explore different locations and times, Within VR for more imaginative journeys, and Star Chart for VR to explore the galaxy. YouTube’s VR channel is also a must. The content here is specifically made to be viewed in VR.

Can You Buy an Apple Headset?

Soon, Apple itself may offer a product that will enable AR and VR for the iPhone. The company is said to be planning to launch a headset of its own as soon as 2022. Not much is known about the headset at this time. We just know that it’s likely to be a mixed-reality headset with top-of-the-line graphics that’s sure to excite Apple fans.

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