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Virtual Reality Flight Simulators and Games

There’s nothing like flying in virtual reality! A good VR flight simulator offers a truly immersive and breathtaking experience in which you can pilot airplanes with realistic flight physics and detailed cockpits or even futuristic spaceships we can only dream of. These simulations offer great experiences in virtual reality; flying like a bird becomes something that feels possible and realistic even if you don’t have a pilot’s license! And while these apps have long been reserved for training real pilots in the military and aerospace fields, now, you can enjoy a virtual reality flight simulator from the comfort of your own home. Flight simulator apps are available for all of the major VR headsets on the market, like the Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Valve Index, or PlayStation VR.

VR Flight Simulators and Games

Some popular virtual reality games that allow you to experience the thrill of flying an aircraft include:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator is a longstanding flight simulator first released in 1982 for Microsoft computers, and it can now be played in VR on any device. This simulator allows you to fly anywhere in the world in realistic weather conditions and provides a unique and photorealistic experience that is easy to enjoy even if you’re a beginner.
  • Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World): This free game offers an exceptional flight simulation and a wide variety of experiences, from leisurely flights around a realistic and immersive world to airborne combat in battles around the globe.
  • Star Wars: Squadrons: Master starfighter combat while piloting your very own TIE Fighter, X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, A-Wing, TIE Bomber, Y-Wing, TIE Defender, B-Wing TIE Reaper, or U-Wing. Each starfighter offers a different class so you can master multiple different types of New Republic or Empire ships as you advance through the game in multiplayer mode or single-player mode.
  • Sopwith VR: Sopwith VR is a free game with a modern take on a historical setting. This fun flight simulator puts you in the cockpit of a Sopwith biplane during World War I. Unlike many of the other games on this list, Sopwith VR has fairly simple graphics and sparsely decorated terrain, but it’s still an imaginative and enjoyable take on the genre.
  • VTOL VR: Many flight simulators deal with World War II-era planes, but VTOL VR focuses on modern military planes with an emphasis on authenticity. You can choose between piloting a jet modeled after modern dogfighters or a plane capable of vertical takeoffs and landings. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be placed in an authentic cockpit that you can fully interact with!
  • Ultrawings: This open-world game allows you to pilot multiple aircraft to complete missions scattered around an island-themed world. Thanks to full motion controller support, players can virtually interact with all of the instruments in the cockpit to add to the immersive experience the game offers.
  • Elite Dangerous: See the whole Milky Way and take part in the activities and dangers that arise as you travel through it. This open play experience allows you to play offline and encounter computer-generated characters or join forces with friends online. Whether you want to be an explorer, a miner, a trader, or a bounty hunter, you’ll find an entire galaxy worth of challenges to keep you busy.
  • Aerofly FS 2: This flight simulator lets you sit in the cockpit and fly around the globe using satellite imagery and features more than 200 airports in the Southwestern USA. Whether you want to fly a small plane or jump into the captain’s seat of a 747 at a busy airport, you’ll be able to try out planes and flight patterns to your heart’s content!
  • War Thunder: This game is more of an arcade-style shooting game that has full VR support and can be played online on the ground, in the air, or in naval battles. It has detailed graphics and textures that create a visually stunning game with refined mechanics. You’ll easily drop hundreds of hours of your time on this game if you want to try out all of the different options it offers.
  • Jetpack City Action VR: While this game doesn’t allow you to fly a plane or spaceship, this VR jetpack simulator allows you to fly freely with a jetpack to enjoy the view of a realistic-looking city. If you’re looking for more adventure, you can also collect and deliver cargo and even fight against killer drones!
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