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How to Play Digital Combat Simulator World in VR

Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a free-to-play battlefield simulation game that creates authentic and immersive simulations of military planes, tanks, ships, and other types of vehicles. It’s a deep and realistic simulation designed to cover multiple time periods and regions to battle in, and it offers a relaxed gameplay environment to suit any level of experience or training. You can download DCS World in VR without Steam through the game’s website and get new updates first, or you can download it through Steam if you already have that platform on your computer.

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Is DCS World VR-Only?

No: VR is not a necessary component to playing Digital Combat Simulator World. The core game experience was designed before VR headsets became widely available, and many players don’t use VR and still have fun without it. In DCS World, virtual reality is considered a luxury add-on to the core game, so if you don’t have a VR headset but you would like to play with a friend who does, you two can both play together and still have a great gaming experience.

What Is the Best VR Headset for DCS World?

Choosing the best VR headset for DCS World combat depends on what your computer is capable of as well as what your budget is. The Oculus Quest 2 is a good choice for an affordable headset that has great optics and sound quality that will let you feel like you are part of the combat. The Valve Index is also a great, albeit more expensive, choice, as it has a great battery life and high-end sound quality that includes speakers next to your ears to provide lifelike 360-degree sound. In the end, whatever VR system you choose that has access to your Steam library is a great option for DCS World.

How to Start DCS World in VR

To start playing DCS World, make sure your VR headset allows “Unknown Sources” to access your software, especially if you have an Oculus Quest 2, as that system does not necessarily need to be connected to a computer to access games and entertainment and may not be set up that way by default.

  • Click the cog at the top-right of the Oculus window.
  • Go to the “General” tab.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources.”

Once that’s completed, you’ll need to load the game on your computer and go to the options menu. In that menu, there’s a VR tab that allows you to enable VR support. From then on, DCS World VR will update so that every time you open the program, it will be available on your VR headset.

How to Play DCS World in VR

Since this game is rather keyboard-heavy and there’s no DCS World VR keyboard available on the headset, the best way to play is by sitting at your computer desk just as you would if you were playing on your PC and using your own keyboard. It may be difficult at first, but you can always peek down at the nose gap to see your keyboard to get an idea of where your hands are in relation to the keys. You may also want to use a DCS World VR kneeboard, which is an application for flight simulators. It is designed to let you access and make notes in a VR environment, where accessing paper notes isn’t possible. This is a good tool to keep your pre-flight checklist at your fingertips in DCS World.

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