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What's the Scariest VR Game?: The Top 10 Most Chilling VR Horror Games

Can you imagine anything more terrifying than living in a horror movie? Virtual reality gives gamers a chance to really test their courage. If you’re the type of person who questions the decisions characters make in horror movies, screaming “Why would you open that door?!” at the screen, then VR horror games are the chance to put your survival skills to the test. We’ve chosen the ten games that gave us the creeps in the best way possible.


1. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

When the movie Paranormal Activity arrived in theaters, it had people running for the exits and hiding behind their popcorn bags. Imagine experiencing those scares in VR! Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul delivers the same frights as the film: plenty of jump scares and evil lurking right in an ordinary home.


2. Lies Beneath

This is one of the most story-driven game options, but it still keeps the creep factor high. In Lies Beneath, you’ll fight hordes of zombie-like monsters with guns and melee weapons. There are plenty of dark corners to explore and twists to keep you hooked.


3. A Chair in a Room: Greenwater

The graphics might look a little outdated, but this game is so unique that we have to include it. It incorporates many different horror elements in surprising ways as you get to the bottom of the mystery in this Deep South setting. This is an investigative game that allows the player to interact with objects and elements in the room around you, so the thrills really come to life.

4. While Affected: The Manor

This speedy game makes full use of the haunting environment to deliver chills and scares in a solid game that doesn’t take long to complete. While Affected: The Manor is a classic game that’s a perfect introduction to the VR horror genre.

5. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx isn’t technically a horror game, but it’s still terrifying. Everyone is afraid of headcrabs, right? With an absolutely horrifying late-game boss battle and the bonus of it being an all-around excellent game, Half-Life: Alyx has to be included on this list.


6. Face Your Fears II

This game delivers exactly what’s described. You’ll face classic horror tropes in a narrative-driven campaign. Face Your Fears II is loaded with jump scares and creates convincing horror settings with a super-chilling atmosphere. This game will really test if you’ve got the courage to survive a slasher film or haunted house movie.


7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

The original Until Dawn was a classic horror RPG, asking the player to make choices about who lives, who dies, and what they would be willing to sacrifice to save themselves and their friends. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood brings these scares and thrills to a VR setting. The story is pretty different from that of the original, but these game designers still know how to engineer a real scare.

8. The Exorcist: Legion VR

This is one of the most frightening games on the list, and that’s no surprise, since it’s based on a true horror classic that caused panic in theaters. The game itself is short, but it will leave you breathless. If you want a frightening VR experience, don’t skip The Exorcist: Legion VR.

9. Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s created a huge craze because of its quirky design and thrilling gameplay that’s earned jumps and screams out of gamers everywhere. This game is a series of mini-games, which doesn’t sound scary until you come across some of the most ingeniously timed jump scares you’ve ever seen.

10. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

All Resident Evil games are full of gore, frights, and twists, but Biohazard is a stand-out VR game. It looks great, and the gameplay is polished. It’s so enjoyable to play that it almost cancels out the anxiety the intensity of this game inspires.

The Best of Specific Horror VR Game Features

There are a lot more scary VR games out there to explore, too. Here are some honorable mentions that have stand-out qualities:

  • Most Gore: Gorn
  • Best Jump Scares: Layers of Fear: Solitude
  • Creepiest Soundtrack: Alien: Isolation
  • Biggest Twists: Wilson’s Heart
  • Darkest Atmosphere: Doors of Silence
  • Grossest Kills: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
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