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VR Escape Room Games

An escape room brings together a group of players in a locked room where the goal is for everybody to work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks within a limited period of time in order to unlock the door. These escape rooms usually come with basic storylines that match the decor of the room the players are locked in, and the tasks and puzzles are all related to that story and theme. Players don’t need to be physically fit to solve the challenges that are presented within the game; for the most part, these games are more mental and require a basic understanding of educational topics.


 Escape rooms use elements of haunted houses, scavenger hunts, and interactive theater melded together to create challenges that force players to work as a team in order to reach the desired outcome: escaping the space. Due to the popularity of physical escape rooms and mobile games that challenge players to look for clues and objects, it’s no surprise that escape rooms have made the leap to the world of VR, presenting fun new challenges for single players and groups.

What Is a Virtual Reality Escape Room?

A virtual reality escape room is like a physical escape room, but it doesn’t rely on interacting with a physical space that needs to be set up for each challenge. Since VR can create immersive and interactive virtual worlds, these games can be set in places that would be completely unfeasible in real life, like underwater or on the moon. You can also experience realistic time-travel scenarios that place you in the ancient world or a future civilization. And you can also experience a VR escape room from any physical room: You can play these games alone at home, or you can play with friends, either from your separate homes or in one public space.

Using VR room-escape games also has advantages for owners of escape room businesses. When an escape room is virtual, it’s easy to replace with a new room to keep things fresh, rather than needing to buy new fixtures and remodel a physical space. You also don’t need to have a game master watching the players who can step in to provide hints: The software can automatically offer help when players seem stuck. These factors mean that a VR escape room business can be set up and run at a relatively low cost.

VR Escape Room Games You Can Try for Yourself

If you aren’t interested in going to a public place to play a virtual reality escape room game, you’re in luck: There are plenty of apps available on personal headsets that allow you to play these games without leaving your home.

Extreme Escape excape room game for VR

You’re in an experimental hot-air balloon, and it’s malfunctioning and falling fast. Can you make the necessary repairs to get control of the balloon and land safely?

The Room VR A Dark Matter escape room game for VR

A top Egyptologist has disappeared, and you’ll need to investigate locations both realistic and otherworldly to solve the mystery.

Puzzles meet survival horror in this creepy take on the escape room genre.

Belko VR An Escape room game for VR

You may have had a bad boss before, but they probably haven’t ever locked you in your office and tried to kill you. Solve the puzzles before time runs out to save your life.

In this narrative puzzle game, you play as Jess, whose boyfriend has left puzzles throughout their house that she must solve to reveal a surprise. Whether it’s a nice surprise or something sinister remains to be seen.

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