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The 50 Most-Downloaded VR Games of All Time

Virtual reality is taking the gaming world by storm, with plenty of new virtual reality games being released all the time to keep players busy exploring all that the virtual world has to offer. But with so many options to choose from, what are the best VR games to play? To find the answer to this question, we analyzed data from Steam games and found the top 50 virtual reality games with the most downloads of all time. Most VR companies don’t release game download numbers, so to create our top 50 list, we estimated ranking using the “all reviews” figure for VR-only games and experiences on Steam, a popular cloud-based gaming library. On our list of the top VR games, you’ll also find each VR game’s genre(s) and its ESRB rating. These 50 VR games span 11 different genres, including action, adventure, rhythm, simulation, strategy, survival, RPG, sports, racing, application, and puzzle. What’s your favorite virtual reality video game genre to play?

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What Is the Most Downloaded Virtual Reality Game?

The most downloaded virtual reality game on Steam is Half-Life: Alyx. This first-person shooter game was developed and published by Valve and is a part of the popular Half-Life series. In this VR game, players become Alyx Vance and have to save humanity from a vicious alien race. Half Life: Alyx’s more than 54,000 reviews have been labeled “Overwhelmingly Positive,” making this game a great choice if you’re looking for a VR shooting game to play.

Below are the ten most downloaded Steam VR games. These download numbers are fairly impressive when you remember that only 29% of gamers in the United States have a virtual reality game system.

The 10 Most Downloaded Virtual Reality Games

  1. Half-Life: Alyx: 54,354
  2. Beat Saber: 52,371
  3. Pavlov VR: 25,476
  4. Blade & Sorcery: 23,520
  5. BONEWORKS: 23,014
  6. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: 12,722
  7. Gorilla Tag: 10,544
  8. Onward: 6,783
  9. GORN: 6,592
  10. Arizona Sunshine: 6,055
Infographic 3 Most Downloaded VR Games Ever -2
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Which Virtual Reality Headsets Work With Steam?

Some of the VR headsets that can be used to play VR games on Steam include:

A virtual reality headset is necessary to fully immerse yourself in a virtual reality game. Not only have the capabilities of new VR games expanded, but the headsets have as well, and today, there’s a wide variety of headsets to choose from to fit any budget and level of gamer. Some headsets, like the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 2, are great for VR beginners, while others were created to suit the needs of more hardcore gamers, such as the Valve Index VR headset.

What do you recommend as the best Steam games for someone just getting started in virtual reality and looking for fun VR games to download?

Here Are the Most Downloaded VR Games of All Time

Rank Virtual Reality Game Number of Steam Reviews Genre ESRB Rating
1 Half-Life: Alyx 54,354 Action, Adventure Not rated
2 Beat Saber 52,371 Rhythm E
3 Pavlov VR 25,476 Action M
4 Blade & Sorcery 23,520 Action, Adventure Not rated
5 BONEWORKS 23,014 Action, Adventure Not rated
6 Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 12,722 Action, Simulation Not rated
7 Gorilla Tag 10,544 Action E
8 Onward 6,783 Action, Strategy M
9 GORN 6,592 Action, Simulation M
10 Arizona Sunshine 6,055 Action, Survival M
11 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR 5,351 RPG M
12 SUPERHOT VR 5,095 Action T
13 The Lab 5,023 Action Not rated
14 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 4,956 Action, Survival M
15 VTOL VR 3,933 Action, Simulation Not rated
16 Fallout 4 VR 3,820 RPG M
17 Propagation VR 3,088 Action, Survival Not rated
18 Google Earth VR 3,009 Adventure Not rated
19 Zero Caliber VR 2,758 Action, Simulation M
20 Pistol Whip 2,580 Action T
21 The Thrill of the Fight 2,540 Action, Sports T
22 Space Pirate Trainer 2,475 Action E 10+
23 Vanishing Realms 2,447 RPG Not rated
24 Job Simulator 2,375 Simulation E 10+
25 Into the Radius VR 2,343 Action, Survival T
26 The Room VR: A Dark Matter 2,337 Adventure E
27 Eleven Table Tennis 2,323 Sports, Simulation E
28 Until You Fall 2,150 Action, Adventure T
29 Moss 1,998 Action, Adventure E 10+
30 Raw Data 1,972 Action, Strategy T
31 PokerStars VR 1,888 Strategy M
32 Contractors 1,791 Action, Simulation M
33 POPULATION: ONE 1,770 Action T
34 Hellsplit: Arena 1,731 Action, RPG Not rated
35 DOOM VFR 1,654 Action M
36 Virtual Desktop 1,597 Application Not rated
37 Ragnarock 1,587 Rhythm, Racing Not rated
38 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond 1,568 Action M
39 Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality 1,493 Adventure, Simulation M
40 I Expect You to Die 1,489 Puzzle, Strategy E 10+
41 STRIDE 1,440 Action, Sports T
42 Waltz of the Wizard (Legacy demo) 1,399 Adventure, Simulation Not rated
43 BoxVR 1,396 Rhythm, Sports E
44 Sairento VR 1,341 Action, RPG M
45 Jet Island 1,284 Action, Adventure E 10+
46 Blood Trail 1,283 Action Not rated
47 Budget Cuts 1,278 Action, Adventure T
48 SURV1V3 1,185 Action, Survival M
49 Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope 1,177 Action M
50 VR Dungeon Knight 1,131 Adventure, RPG Not rated
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