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Social VR for PS4

Using a PlayStation VR headset and your PS4, you can play plenty of fun virtual reality games, but one of the most popular and fun uses of VR is as a place to play with friends. In VR, you can present yourself however you want using creative avatars, and you can make friends with people from all over the world. While you may not be able to use every VR social app on a PlayStation headset, you do have a few options for when you want to explore virtual worlds and socialize.

VR Space

Social VR Games Available for PS4

Rec Room: This is the most purely social game available for the PS VR headset. Voice chat is open for talking to other players, and you can build rooms together and play mini-games. The point of the app is to chat, play casual games, and be creative with other gamers.

Minecraft: This is a classic game with a huge following that’s found a new home in the VR space. Minecraft is all about building virtual worlds, so it’s even more fun to play with a VR headset. You don’t have to go solo in Minecraft; building with friends makes the game even better, and it’s opened up a big social community. Explore this blocky world in 3D, immersed like never before through a VR headset.

Werewolves WithinA classic party game gets a VR twist with Werewolves Within. The premise is that a group of travelers know that there’s a werewolf among them waiting to strike at midnight, and they have to guess which member of their group it is. Make your case and hope for the best: Someone’s getting accused before nightfall. Once the sun falls, someone is booted from the group, but if that person wasn’t the werewolf, another victim will be claimed. The gameplay in this title is almost entirely social, with a few special powers thrown in that give insight to the real werewolf.

Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesThis is another game that relies on good communication to survive. One player works to defuse a bomb that they see using their headset. Meanwhile, the other players can’t see the bomb, but they can see a manual that tells them how to defuse the bomb. The goal is to walk the first player through disabling the bomb before they blow up.

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