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The Top Virtual Reality Headset Companies

There are a lot of exciting companies making big strides in the field of virtual reality. There are also a lot of virtual reality headsets on the market and many people making them; however, when it comes to high-quality headsets, there are really only a handful of companies that stand out from the competition. They produce headsets that are the most comfortable and offer the best experiences. These headsets are used with a variety of different platforms, so if you’re in the market for a new headset, compare the hardware, platform, and features to decide which top virtual reality headset company makes the right product for you. 


The Vive line of headsets is the creation of the hardware company HTC and game studio Valve. Vive headsets are quite advanced pieces of VR hardware. The controllers are the only commercially available models that allow the user to manipulate all five fingers within the VR realm. The graphics and tracking might be the most powerful in the industry. The headset requires the user to set up a few “lighthouse” stations around the room for tracking purposes, and a pretty high-powered PC is needed to run this headset with the Steam gaming platform.


Samsung in collaboration with Oculus created the Gear VR headset. This super-comfortable headset is specifically designed to be used with Samsung phones. If you have a Samsung smartphone, slide it into the front of this headset for easy access to thousands of games and apps. Your phone becomes a virtual world thanks to the Gear VR, a top choice among VR headsets for mobile phones.


Google was a pioneer in the realm of VR headsets for the public. They released the Cardboard headset as an affordable, easy-to-use option for anyone with a compatible mobile phone. This is definitely the least expensive headset option out there, and it’s still a great way to dip your toes into the VR pool and get a sense of how much you like it. The folding cardboard structure really highlights how simple this headset construction is and how easy it is to use. Choose the headset that will fit your phone size. The apps and software available are compatible with most of the latest Apple and Android phones.



Meta Technologies makes the Oculus VR headsets. Oculus headsets are a true leap forward because they don’t need a console, PC, or phone to run the latest models. The Quest and Quest 2 are totally self-contained. All you need is a Facebook account to get started with Oculus and gain access to popular games and apps on a system with fantastic VR graphics and movement tracking.


The other big commercial headset company is Sony with their PlayStation VR headset and controllers. This headset allows PlayStation fans to transform their favorite games into a VR experience that’s more immersive than any game console has been before. Another benefit to this headset is that you can connect it to your TV screen so friends and families can join in the fun.

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