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How to Play VR Comfortably While Wearing Glasses

It’s no secret that virtual reality headsets are not made with glasses-wearers in mind. Wearing glasses while also wearing a VR headset can be incredibly uncomfortable, and they may not fit together correctly. The correct course of action is not to take off your glasses to enjoy the immersive 3D worlds at your disposal, as you won’t be able to clearly see the game, which could alter your gameplay experience. In most cases, playing VR with your glasses on can give you the full gaming and entertainment experience, and it’s possible to do so without a struggle.

VR Space

 Not only are there tips and tricks you can try to ensure that you will be comfortable while wearing your VR headset, but if those tips don’t work for you, there are also plenty of accessories available to improve your headset.

Tips for Making Glasses Fit Comfortably in Your Headset

Virtual reality with your glasses on is truly the best way to get fully immersed in this 3D computer-generated world. Prescription contacts are also a great option if you don’t want to try to wear your glasses, but keep in mind that your contacts may dry out faster and may not offer the same clarity as glasses. Glasses and headsets may not be comfortable at first, as you technically have two different accessories pressed up against your face, but that’s why adjusting them properly is important.

Your glasses should be clean and properly fitted. You don’t want your glasses to constantly slide down your nose while you’re playing, and they should also be wiped down before starting so a smudge doesn’t impact your experience.

Don’t pull the VR headset down over the top of your head like most people do, as you’ll end up smashing your glasses against your face. You should put the headset against your face and ensure that your glasses fit comfortably inside without hitting the lenses, then pull the strap over your head. Once your headset is on, slide your glasses forward a bit so the headset doesn’t smash your glasses into your face.

Double-check the straps on each side of your headset to make sure that they aren’t pinching your ears or pressing your ears against your glasses frames.

Accessories to Improve the Comfort of Your VR Headset

Playing VR when wearing glasses can still be an uncomfortable and frustrating experience for some people, but there are accessories you can use to improve your experience.

Some headsets, like the Oculus Quest 2, come with a pre-packaged glasses spacer you can place inside your headset to add some extra millimeters of space between your eyes and the lenses. You can also purchase other lens spacers, which can be especially helpful if your lenses are extra-thick or if you’d prefer some extra space. Some companies create larger and softer inserts that have more padding and are easy to clean.

If you buy a padded spacer, you may need a counterweight to evenly distribute the weight so the headset feels lighter while you wear it.

If you want to ditch the glasses and contacts altogether, you could purchase prescription VR lenses or lens adapters. All you have to do is give your prescription to VR Lens Lab and they can create VR lenses that are perfectly adapted to your eyesight. This means you can play video games to your heart’s content without having to deal with the issues that can arise when you’re wearing glasses.

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