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Getting Started With Virtual Reality for PlayStation

PlayStation has legions of fans worldwide, so it’s no surprise they’ve made their mark on the virtual reality gaming industry. VR for PS4 and PS5 are both available, and the Mirror mode lets friends and family join the fun by showing what you’re seeing on your TV screen. PlayStation’s VR experience is an enjoyable one for those new to VR gaming and longtime gamers alike.

getting-started-with-VR-playstation (1)

The Basic PlayStation VR Hardware

It’s worth mentioning that unlike with other consoles, the only headset that’s compatible with PlayStation VR is Sony’s headset. Consoles like the Switch can be played through third-party headsets, but the software that runs PlayStation VR is not compatible with other headsets.

Setting Up PlayStation VR

You will need four additional items to set up PlayStation VR:

Once these items are connected and the headset and console are both powered on, you will need to configure your camera. The camera will need to be placed on a level surface. From here, you can configure it in the Settings menu. Make sure your camera is angled and focused at where you will be playing your game so the system can properly track the controller movements.

Popular Games for PlayStation Virtual Reality

Many PlayStation favorites can be played in virtual reality. For those shopping for a headset, you might even be able to find a bundle set that includes a game. Some popular games for PlayStation VR include:

PS VR games

Doom 3

PS VR games

Star Wars: Squadrons

Vader Immortal

PS VR games

Beat Saber

Hitman 3


Beat -Saber

PS VR games

Song in the Smoke


PS VR games


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