Custom VR Spaces

We can Create Custom Virtual Reality Spaces for your Customers, and for your Employees.

Create Custom VR Spaces

VR Space is a creative studio that focuses on creating and developing custom social VR spaces for businesses. Elaine and the VR Space team specializes in creating spaces specifically tailored to social VR and can build on several VR platforms including VRChat, Horizon Worlds, and Altspace. These rooms can be based on real world places, or they can be “Fresh and New” ideas of places that don’t exist in the real world.

Create VR Presence

  • Brings organic traffic from around the world.
  • A good VR environment can give users hours of entertainment.
  • Building on multiple platforms can reach different target markets and serve different purposes.
  • Generate PR around creating Virtual environments for your business.
  • Creating a VR environment puts you ahead of the curve on this emerging technology.

Popular VR Platforms

alt-space inverted
meetinvr dropshadow

Create VR Presence.

VR Space can create environments on a multitude of platforms. Large platforms
have the potential to bring in hundreds of thousands to millions of
users. Talk with our team to learn what is best for your business.

Recreate Real Life Spaces.

Using blueprints and reference photos, we can recreate your real world environments. Recreate your office for your employees or maybe have a virtual location for a real life store. We can create anything.  

Connect with your Remote Team.

Connect with your team in VR. VR Space can create a virtual environment for your team to hold meetings or just hang out.

Host VR Events.

Create VR events for your team or your customers. Host them on multiple platforms.

Attend Virtual Conferences.

We’ve partnered with the largest VR conference, VKET. VR Space can create stunning booths and other assets for the conference.


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