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We Build Custom VR Worlds and Environments

VR.Space is a creative studio that focuses on creating and developing custom social VR spaces for businesses. Contact Us.

How Can We Help?

Ask Us Anything

Whether you have a project or just interested in VR, we would love to talk to you. The VR.Space team focuses on developing a multitude of spaces. We build environments on a variety of platforms.  We can build environments for your team, community, and events. Let us know what you want to build!

Advertise in The Black Cat

Tens of thousands of visitors every day. Recently passing 50 million visitors, The Black Cat is one of the most popular worlds in all of social VR. Fill out the form if you think your brand would be a good fit for The Black Cat.


Become a VR.Space Subscriber!

Subscribers get access to the VR.Space catalog. Download any world and upload it yourself. Our tutorial videos can help you get started. VR.Space has developed worlds for many social VR platforms. 

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