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The Guide to Virtual Reality for Nintendo Switch

With the popularity of the Nintendo Switch and VR headsets, many people are wondering, “Can I use virtual reality with a Nintendo Switch?” The good news is that you can absolutely equip your Switch for VR. The less good news is that you don’t have that many headset options. There are three headsets that work with a Nintendo Switch, and each has its pros and cons.

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Which Headsets Work With a Nintendo Switch?

1. Nintendo Labo VR Starter Kit

This system is made by Nintendo itself. It’s affordable and easy to use. It allows you to play specific VR games that the Labo includes as well as dive into the basics of designing your own VR game. With the Labo, you’ll also be able to play your favorite VR-compatible Switch games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildSuper Mario Odyssey, and other favorites. The important drawback to keep in mind is that this headset is aimed toward younger children and people who enjoy simple gameplay.

This is a bit of an introduction to VR gaming, focused on the basics. You’ll notice that the cardboard designs that can be built onto the headset are definitely made with kids in mind. They will love the added crafting experience these bring to playing with the Labo. That said, this headset is probably not the right choice for serious gamers.

2. OIVO VR Headset

The OIVO is the most versatile VR headset option for the Switch. Slide your Switch into the front of the headset and you’ll be able to become immersed in in your favorite Nintendo Switch games. This headset has a super-comfortable ergonomic design, which is important for anyone with a smaller head or anyone who gets motion sickness easily. This is also a budget-friendly headset that gives you quick access to VR for your Switch. Unfortunately, the OIVO is only compatible with select Switch titles, but the same is true for Nintendo’s headset, so this doesn’t really give the Labo an edge over the OIVO. The OIVO is a great choice for adult gamers.

3. HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset

The Vive Cosmos is a high-powered VR headset; however, you’ll need the right tech and the knowledge to use it to make it compatible with the Switch. The great thing about this headset is its flexibility. It pairs with a PC, making it extremely versatile in terms of what content it can display in VR. To make it work with the Switch, you’ll need a capture card, and setting one up can be a lengthy process.Once the capture card is installed in the PC, you’ll have to adjust the headset to the Switch’s resolution settings, and then you’ll be ready to play Switch games on the Vive. Any Switch games will be available to you. This headset is a good choice for tech-savvy gamers. It’s not cheap and not marketed to play Switch games specifically, so it’s recommended that you choose this headset for Switch play only if you’re comfortable with the hardware involved and you plan on using the headset for more than just Switch games.

How Do I Put My Switch in VR Mode?

Putting a Nintendo Switch in VR mode is pretty simple. Once a VR-compatible game is loaded on your Switch, simply plug the console into the headset and VR mode will be activated!

What's the Switch VR Experience Like?

While the Switch is not designed specifically for VR gameplay, playing it in this way is still a really fun way for Switch fans to explore games in new ways. VR on Switch is particularly fun for children and families. But more serious gamers looking for a truly immersive VR experience might do better to explore different consoles.

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