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Travel the World Using Virtual Reality to Explore

One of the best things about virtual reality is the near-limitless nature of its experiences. In a matter of seconds, you can go from exploring the frosty tundra of the Alaskan wilderness to perusing the masterful works scattered throughout the halls of the Louvre, all without ever leaving your home.

While it’s only natural to wish to experience these places in person, there’s, unfortunately, no shortage of obstacles preventing many from doing just that, from work commitments to the cost of travel. Fortunately, technology has now advanced to the point that your travel fantasies can become a (virtual) reality.

It may not be exactly the same, but you can use a virtual reality headset to travel the world. All you need is to know which apps out there can give you the best experiences possible.


Wander may be the single best way to use virtual reality to see the world.

This immersive app makes use of 360-degree photos and Google StreetView data from all around the world to transport you to far-off locales. It offers up everything from casual walking exploration of towns and cities to carefully curated tours of historic landmarks and museums. It even provides direct in-app access to Wikipedia so you can learn as you wander


BRINK Traveler

For everyone out there who prefers the company of nature to people, BRINK Traveler is the virtual reality travel app for you. It manages to capture a vast array of stunning natural landscapes in fully realized and immersive 3D. From the scorching sights of Death Valley to the massive Mount Morrison, BRINK Traveler allows people to use virtual reality to explore the world in all of its natural beauty.

National Geographic Explore VR

Few people ever get to see more of the world than the explorers at National Geographic, and now, you can become one of them, virtually speaking. National Geographic Explore VR puts you into the shoes of a National Geographic photographer as you trek across Antarctica and Machu Picchu in search of that one perfect shot


Google Earth VR

Plenty of apps promise you the ability to explore using virtual reality around the world, but few deliver on it quite as well as Google Earth VR. Whether you want to walk down the streets of Paris or fly over the Rockies in Colorado, Google Earth truly lives up to its name and gives you a full VR world to explore.


When planning a trip in virtual reality around the world, it’s surprisingly easy to forget about the majority of the planet’s surface: its oceans. Dive into theBlu to experience life beneath the waves. You’ll explore a wide variety of different habitats and get to meet their residents. It’s an underwater experience sure to take your breath away in the best way.


Everest VR

Admittedly limited in location variety compared to some other apps that offer virtual reality trips around the world, Everest VR is still very much worth experiencing. It’s a completely unique experience that will give you a newfound respect for those few who are able to accomplish this monumental task in real life.

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