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Global Virtual Reality Use Statistics

Virtual reality has undoubtedly seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. It’s gone from being a far-off futuristic dream to a common household commodity in a surprisingly short amount of time. This is in large part thanks to advances in VR technology that have made it more accessible than ever and the backing of large corporations, such as Meta (formerly Facebook) and Sony, who’ve managed to reach the global market with their respective products.

Has the world fully embraced VR yet, though? If current projections are to be believed, no, but it’s well on its way. Nearly every prediction for both VR and AR technology has it taking off at a rapidly increasing rate over the next few years.

Global VR Use Statistics

Still, that isn’t to say that VR’s impact up until this point has been insignificant. The emerging technology has already carved out a sizable chunk of the consumer market for itself, and these projections show that it’s doing anything but slowing down.

To give you a better overall look at where the VR industry currently stands, here are some noteworthy statistics on VR’s global impact.

Developing a VR Game

Virtual Reality Business Statistics

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