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How Virtual Reality Is Used: Real-Life Applications

When most people hear the term “virtual reality,” their mind almost instantly goes to video games. That’s understandable. Virtual reality gaming has really started to take off in recent years and is becoming more and more popular by the day. However, gaming is just one of an ever-expanding number of examples of how VR is used and how it can be used in everyday life in the future.


VR Space

From engineering to exercise and homework to health care, the possibilities for how virtual reality is used in real life are seemingly limitless. But what are the uses of virtual reality now? Let’s take a look at some areas of life that are already benefiting from the use of VR.

VR in Healthcare

When it comes to what virtual reality is used for, one of the most impactful virtual reality real-world applications is in the world of healthcare. For obvious reasons, it’s not practical for doctors to learn new surgical techniques on living patients. Enter VR. In a virtual-reality setting, healthcare professionals can practice and hone their skills in a safe and effective way before attempting a particular method on an actual patient.

Furthermore, virtual reality use cases have shown the technology to be effective in matters of mental health as well, specifically when it comes to anxiety and PTSD and their treatment via exposure therapy.

Virtual Reality in Education

Schools can also benefit greatly from the use of virtual reality in the real world. History applications and projections can transport entire classes to the Colosseum as it was during the Roman Empire or take them on trips to the moon’s surface or the dark depths of Earth’s oceans. The sense of immersion these headsets can give students is just one of the reasons why virtual reality is used in some classrooms already and is likely to be featured in many more in the future.

VR in Engineering and Design

From cars to planes to really any type of machinery, the virtual reality applications in engineering can be invaluable. VR allows engineers to use 3D modeling techniques to build prototypes in a safe environment before constructing a practical one in the real world. Using this VR approach, companies are able to inspect, experiment, and interact with their project in a virtual space so they can spot any problems or design flaws before committing to actual assembly. In the end, doing so can save companies tremendous amounts of both time and money. Car companies Jaguar Land Rover and BMW are only a couple of examples of those who use virtual reality in their design process.

Virtual Reality in Sports

Believe it or not, live sporting events are becoming a popular part of society where VR is used. Several different professional sporting leagues, including the NFL and NBA, are already offering virtual reality options for watching live games. Through this service, fans can feel as though they’re right there in the stadium watching their team play.

VR in Law Enforcement/Military

Training centers for both the police and the military are another area where virtual reality is used. In a virtual reality setting, soldiers and officers can learn how to appropriately respond to scenarios they may encounter in the real world. This process helps the trainees learn how to make the correct judgment calls before being thrust into a situation where they have to make split-second decisions.

Virtual Reality in Business

In business, virtual reality uses are abundant. Everything from training scenarios to conference calls can be enhanced through the addition of virtual reality applications. Professionals from different cities or even different countries can use VR to sit down in a virtual conference room for meetings as if they were all in the same space. You could even have an entire industry conference take place completely in VR. These VR uses extend across several different professional fields. For instance, those working in the real estate industry can set up virtual tours of properties for prospective buyers who may not be able to physically attend. And those who work in retail sales can offer hands-on product demonstrations from anywhere.

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