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Why Visit a Virtual Reality Arcade or Lounge, and Where Can You Find Them?

The virtual world and real-world combine at a virtual reality arcade or lounge. Arcades were what first introduced the public to VR and AR in the 1990s. Sega introduced the world to VR in their SegaWorld arcades, and VR has boomed in popularity since then. Now that there are VR headsets available for home use, you might think that there’s no use for VR arcades, but they’re a great way to introduce newcomers to the world of VR, and they also offer some unique experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

Virtual Reality

What Makes a VR Lounge Unique?

There’s something special about playing VR games in a lounge or arcade. For one, they’re great settings for parties. It’s difficult to have a mass VR gaming party if only one or two people own a headset. Most VR lounges offer group pricing so that birthday parties, groups of friends, and team-building exercises can be held in virtual reality where everyone participating has a headset. There are some games that are just a lot more fun with more players, and visiting a lounge can set up a group of gamers for massive multi-player fun. VR lounges sometimes often offer theme nights, too. And they usually offer deals for kids and families, adults-only nights with beverages or date-night events.

Even if you already own a VR headset, visiting a VR lounge is a great way to explore new games. Try a game out at the lounge before committing to buying it on your personal headset. Lounges are drawing more people to the fun of VR every day!

VR in Arcades

Arcades are good places to try out VR, too. Many arcades offer a few VR or AR experiences that might even be different from what’s available on commercial VR headsets. Big chain arcades like Dave and Busters offer VR experiences, and so do some smaller, local facilities. You might be able to sit in a roller coaster cart and wear an immersion headset while your seat tilts around, taking the illusion one step further from what home headsets offer. Some VR arcade games put an emphasis on chills: Zombie-hunting VR arcade games might feature 360-degree sound effects, puffs of air, and vibrating or shifting gaming chairs to add to the adrenaline rush.

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