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What Is a VR Room? Physical and Virtual Rooms

Virtual reality (VR) headsets offer an immersive experience no matter where you are, but they also offer the opportunity to freely walk around virtual spaces that make you feel as if you’re actually there. This is achieved through room-scale VR, which tracks the movements of the headsets and controllers in real time and reflects those motions in your headset. Without it, your gaming and entertainment experience isn’t quite the same. Once you slip on your headset, your system will likely scan the room around you to see what your space limitations are, and then you’ll be fully slipped into a new world.

What Is a VR Room in Physical Space?

There are technically two types of VR rooms: The first is the physical room that you’re in, and the second is the room you enter when you put on your VR headset. The physical virtual reality game room is the room that you’re actually standing in. This VR room should be a cleared space where you can move around without the fear of bumping into something or breaking anything with your movements. This physical space doesn’t have to be dedicated to VR all the time, but it needs to be easy to clear out, and it should be large enough that whoever is wearing the headset can have a truly interactive experience without fear of injury.

Some schools and companies have created their own virtual reality rooms where people can book a time slot and enter a private room, put on a headset, and play games to their heart’s content. Some companies have even created VR rooms as entertainment destinations, such as the virtual escape room at the  Venetian Resort in Las Vegas where participants can work as a group to solve challenges while each being in their own dedicated room.

What Is a Virtual Room?

A VR room is also the simulated room you step into when you don your VR equipment. The virtual room is a space that you see when you wear your headset, which looks realistic but is actually a digitally created 3D facade. These virtual spaces can be solely for one person to experience, or they can be a shared space designed for face-to-face interactions with real people without ever leaving your house. In these virtual spaces, people are free to come and go as they please as well as walk around and fully experience the room as if they were truly in it. These rooms can be designed to look like anything: a conference room, a ski lodge, or even the moon if you prefer! A virtual reality room can take advantage of the technological medium to put you anywhere you’ve ever wanted to be.

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