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Virtual Office Christmas Party Games and Ideas

One of the downfalls of working at a business that’s gone fully remote is that there’s no office where you can have office parties. But just because you’re all far apart doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the camaraderie of your coworkers during the holidays. Thanks to the rise of virtual reality technology, you can still get together for some festive fun. A virtual office party can be great for company morale, helping to build friendships and improve teamwork. And throwing a virtual office Xmas party can be as involved or as simple as you want to make it.

image of a VR xmas party

Virtual Office Xmas Party Ideas

Virtual parties don’t have to differ too much from in-person gatherings. The most basic thing you’ll need is a virtual space to meet in: It’s simple enough to create a basic room in VR social apps like VRChat, Rec Room, or AltspaceVR or in meeting apps like MeetinVR, Mozilla Hubs, or Spatial. If you want to put in a bit more effort, you could create your own custom-designed party space, complete with festive decorations and falling snow.

One of the simplest and most well-received virtual office holiday party ideas is to mail gift boxes to all employees before the party that contains snacks and drinks to enjoy during the event. You could also turn the need for virtual avatars in VR into a costume contest, awarding prizes for the most festive avatar, the most creative avatar, the funniest avatar, and so forth. Of course, if you’re short on time for party prep, you could just have a simple get-together where people can socialize and perhaps play a few games.

Virtual Xmas Office Party Games

Chatting and joking with your coworkers in a festive environment is fun, but you can also play virtual office Xmas games together. There aren’t a ton of holiday-specific games, but many popular social VR apps have game rooms. If you’re looking for something wintery, you might pop into a room to play freeze tag in the snow or go sledding or skiing. You could also play Uno, pool, or even Among Us.

You could also opt to play some of your favorite VR games with coworkers. Great multiplayer games in VR include:

  • Beat Saber
  • Gorilla Tag
  • STRIDE Multiplayer
  • Blaston
  • Ragnarock

With so many games available across headsets, it shouldn’t be hard to find a game everybody can agree on!

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