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Low Poly Environments for Mozilla Hubs

I’ve mentioned that I like Mozilla Hubs platform. It’s easy to use and you can visit VR worlds via a direct link from a website. Though it does come with it’s limitations. Environments need to be very optimized and low poly to work well with the platform. It is also recommended creators only use around three light sources, which is a huge limitation. Low poly, exterior environments will be the best worlds for this platform. I moved forward with having three worlds created, specifically for hubs.

Low Poly Amphitheater

This environment is a simple amphitheater world. There is a stage and a large amount of seating. This world is essentially a large plane which makes it easy and comfortable for a multitude of people to socialize. Its very optimized and will work well with other platforms. I think an environment like this is also really good for AltSpace. AltSpace has presentation tools built in with the platform, so an low poly amphitheater would be good for large events.

Low Poly Amphitheater for Mozilla Hubs

Low Poly Camp Site

This environment is set at night. Its another wide open space that makes socializing with large groups comfortable. Both tents act as light sources. Unlike the other low poly environments, this environment comes with several small props. In the VRChat package, these props act as pickup objects for the players.

Low Poly Camp Site for Mozilla Hubs

Low Poly Park

The low poly park environment is very similar to the amphitheater environment. They are both park like environments featuring many similar props. This world doesn’t have a large stage and is more open for players to congregate where they want. The available space to roam around in is a bit larger than the other low poly environments. Just like the other two, this world is good for large groups of people to socialize in.

Low Poly Park for Mozilla Hubs

Low poly environments are not something I tend to focus on. I’m a big fan of in browser platforms, so I wanted to make sure VR.Space had available worlds for those platforms. All three of these are available on Hubs, VRChat, and AltSpace and you can download them if you are a VR.Space Subscriber.



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