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The Black Cat Remodel and Updates

Hey Everyone! Since the publish of the new Black Cat, a ton of people have become Patrons! Thank you for supporting! The response to the remodel has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m really happy everyone has liked it so much.

I pushed a Black Cat update yesterday that should help with performance. I also made the video player off by default to prevent malicious users from spamming inappropriate content. I’m still noticing minor things here and there that need to be fixed. If you notice any small bugs or anything, feel free to message me.

Here is some information for new patrons:

  • New posters will show up in the world, when the world is updated. Updates happen around once a month.
  • To get your name in the world, you must have your Discord linked to your Patreon account. Once you join my Discord, the UdonVR bot will send you a message prompting you to link your VRC account.

For anyone who wants to visit the old Black Cat, here is a link to the last version:


And as a bonus, here is a link to the very first upload of The Black Cat back from 2019:


I continuously work on new worlds, which will normally be posted for download on my website, https://VR.Space. Here are some projects I’m currently working on:

The Lighthouse World Work in Progress

The lighthouse is a large multi story home, located on an island in the middle of a lake. The entire island is accessible with multiple areas to hang out. This world will soon be available to visit for Patrons who have access to early WIP content.


Winter Cottage FPS Map

I really enjoy building FPS maps. This is a project I’ve been working on for Pavlov. Winter Cottage is a small FPS map based in a snowy forest. It’s a 3 lane map with players starting either behind a small cottage home or behind a multi story log cabin. The map will be configured for team deathmatch, free for all, gun game, and search and destroy.


Thank you again to everyone who continues to support me! Feel free to message if you need anything!



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