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VRChat Home Worlds

I spent some time today brainstorming ideas for my next worlds and throughout that period I rarely thought about creating different home world experiences, even though that type of world has been on my ideas list for a while. I’m not someone who ever really cared about what world I load into. I normally leave the home world immediately. It’s not a space I plan to stay at. I don’t hear of many other people who have a home world they plan to stay in. Lots of people change their home worlds, but I can’t think of anyone who has a very specific hub style home world. It’s usually just a world someone likes. So what makes a good home world?

A good home world, to me, is a small environment, that’s comfortable to be in, and easy to load. You want your home world to be very small, in download size. Right when you open the game, you don’t want to be waiting long to load into the world. I want to get into the game, and then get to where I’m going. I’m specifically talking about my VRChat experience, because that’s the platform I’m on majority of the time. I would say this does also apply on other platforms, like Horizon and Rec Room. When I load into those games, I also, just want to get in and then get to where I’m going.

As of now, focusing on Home worlds is not something I plan to do. You could get really creative with it, but ultimately it is just the world you load into when you start the game. I guess it’s just not that interesting to me.

World Hop

I recently moved countries, and for a little while, I wasn’t able to use VR. Now that I’m settled in, I spent some time this past week world hoping. I’ve been enjoying large environment worlds lately. I wanted to share a creator who I enjoyed running around their worlds earlier this week. The creators name is Sumeru and my favorite world of theirs is A Fine Line. It’s a large winter environment. Not sure why I’m really enjoying large environment worlds. Another really talented creator who does large environments, is nprowler. I’ll probably go searching for these types of worlds next time I’m on. I think I may do more terrain and environment stuff in the near future.

I’m going to spend more time world hoping. Earlier, I saw a ton of really good worlds. I’m on a snow kick, I think, so I’m going to go visit more winter worlds.

The Black Cat Controversy

Also, Phia (Virtual Reality Show) did a video about The Black Cat. It’s really good! You should go watch it.




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