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Meta Quest Pro

My first impression of the Meta Quest Pro is that it’s just a more expensive Quest 2. Yes, there’s a better processer in the headset. Yes, there is a processor in each controller. Yes, the new lenses are pretty amazing. Yes, the stylus controller sounds like a cool gimmick. Yes, its got face and eye tracking. BUT, my experience with it, isn’t much different than using my Quest 2.

Thinking of a regular VR user, what does this headset bring that the Quest 2 doesn’t have? It doesn’t seem like much. It’s all a bit more polished, but that seems to be it. If you enjoy watching movies and TV in VR, then maybe the lens upgrade is enough to justify the price, but so far it doesn’t have much going for it.

Working in VR

Meta advertised this headset as a major step to replacing your laptop. A headset that you can work in. This was my main motivation for purchasing it. Working in VR can sound dystopian, but it’s actually something I want. I want the VR private office space. I want 5 virtual monitors floating around me. I want full color passthrough. All of this was advertised with the Quest Pro and I want to experience it! That said, the Quest Pro only…. kind of delivered.

Horizon Workrooms

I first tried Meta’s Horizon Workrooms app. It’s pretty easy to get started and very self explanatory. I was able to remote into my laptop easily. There was a bit of lag with it, which made it difficult to use. Trying any intensive program, made it very difficult, which I guess could be expected. Even though I am in VR, I can’t add extra virtual monitors (on Windows) in Workroom and I can’t move around my virtual screen. The full passthrough feature was pretty cool though. I did enjoy that.


I decided to try another “work in VR” app called Immersed. I had a much better experience in Immersed. While the performance of the remote desktop was the same, I can add virtual monitors and change my screen size and location, using Immersed tools.

Sitting in both Workrooms and Immersed, I enjoyed looking at VR monitors. I’m happy these tools are being built out.  I also enjoyed the full color passthrough. I plan to continue my quest to work in VR, easily. I think my next step is to try Oculus link and hook up the Quest Pro directly to my PC.






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