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VRChat or Rec Room

VRChat and Rec Room are both social VR platforms available on quest and the Steam store. Both platforms allow users to create worlds and you can customize your avatar models on both. When playing each platform, you can join friends, play games, or just hang out. While both these platforms have similarities, they both have differences as well. The most noticeable difference is the art style of the platform.

Rec Room

Unlike VRChat, Rec Room forces it’s content creators to create everything within the game. This mean world creators are using Rec Room’s in game tools to generate content. While you can make amazing worlds and games using these tools, it forces everything to have a similar look. In VRChat, you are free to upload content from anywhere, so the style varies a lot. Since Rec Room controls their creator tools, it means that most of their content is going to be running smoothly for players.

Because the content is more controlled on Rec Room, it generally means it is a safer environment for a younger audience. Basically all platforms are targeted for people thirteen and older. After playing Rec Room for a bit, it’ll be obvious that the average Rec Room user is on the younger side.

Rec Room is a fun platform. There are tons of games to play, cool worlds to explore, and it’s generally a very safe platform to run around on.


Because of the freedom VRChat gives it’s content creators, going into the platform can feel like walking into the internet. You really don’t know what you’ll discover. People can create and upload anything they like. This is part of the magic of the platform. Of course there are terms of service for using the platform, so players breaking any rules can find themselves getting banned.

In VRChat, you can create an avatar to look however you want it to look. Hanging out with people in VRChat feels more like actually hanging out with people. Just like Rec Room, there are amazing worlds to explore and a ton of fun games to play. While the target audience is the same for Rec Room, you’ll end up finding an older age range of people in VRChat.

Which One Should You Play?

If you’re a parent who just got their kid a Quest, I’d recommend Rec Room. But ultimately, both platforms are great and they are both free! Download both and see which on you like more.




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