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Meta Quest Remote Desktop

I decided to try out Horizon Workroom’s remote desktop feature again on my Meta Quest Pro. The last time I tried this feature I only had my laptop available.  This time, I have my PC setup, which is a much more powerful machine. Immediately the experience using remote desktop is much better. The lag between my PC and the headset is much less noticeable. Working in the headset is a much smoother experience.

I’m not sure if the lag is better because of my machine or my connection, but there is definitely a noticeable difference between the two computers. I opened an intensive project in Blender and I was surprised at how much better it seemed to work. I can maneuver around comfortably. Using the headset is not perfect and I’m still much faster without it, but this makes me more excited for these tools to be developed. With the headset on, I feel much more in the zone.

I used Horizon Workrooms and Immersed app to try out remote desktop. Currently, I am writing this blog post on the Immersed app. Horizon Workrooms does not yet allow multiple virtual desktops, like Immersed does, so I’m leaning on using Immersed. Horizon Workrooms is a bit easier to set up. In the Immersed app, I can create multiple virtual desktops and move them around my space, which is really nice. I wish Workrooms gave you more controls like Immersed.

I plan to continue using the remote desktop features. I really like working in VR. I wish the experience was a bit smoother. A big issue with the Meta Quest Pro is that the headset fits on your head in a way that is prone to give me a headache. This seems like a common experience. Assuming I don’t get a headache, I wish I could use the headset for much longer. The battery life on Meta Quest Pro is very short.

I’ve had the Meta Quest Pro since launch and my review of the device is still the same. Ultimately, it is just an expensive Quest 2. I don’t believe its worth the price it is being sold at. I am glad I have it so I can test out these features, but it’s advocate for given its price.




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