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e-Lanes VRChat Bowling World Published

E-Lanes are a series of bowling alleys, inside of VRChat, that use VR Space’s custom bowling prefab. The first e-Lanes world to go public is Galactic Bowling. E-Lanes Galactic Bowling is a small retro themed bowling alley. There are four lanes and multiple mirror locations.

VRChat Bowling Prefab Available for Download

A bowling game for VRChat. The game was created by VR Space. Import this into your projects and add it to your worlds. Works on Quest and PC.

The Black Cat Now Available in Rec Room

With the help of Ink Overflow, we were able to bring the experience to Rec Room. Join The Black Cat in Rec Room and you can serve drinks to players, eat pancakes, and hang out by a mirror.

Hidden Heights

Hidden Heights is a multi story mansion, inspired by the homes found in the Seven Hills community in Las Vegas, NV. The world features a large pool, card games, billiards table, rock climbing, and a driving range. This world is optimized for both PC and Quest meaning all the features are available on the Android platform. 
black cat_1400x600

The Black Cat

Over 40 million world visits, The Black Cat is a popular VR destination for anyone enjoying social VR. Tens of thousands of players visit daily to meet new players and hang out with old friends. The world is a two story bar with multiple hangout areas and stages. 
suburbanlakehouse firepit

Suburban Lakehouse

Suburban Lakehouse is a popular destination for many players in VRChat. The environment offers a private theater, a large backyard pool, billiards, and many areas to relax and hang out with friends. The house is situated on a hill overlooking a large lake. Players spawn in the backyard on a lake dock, looking up at the large home.

Driving Range Prefab

Hidden Heights features the Golf Game prefab developed by VR Space. The Golf Game is a driving Range game where players shoot golf balls into rings for points. Each player gets a certain number of golf balls. When all the players have hit the golf balls, the player with the most points win. The game was created specifically for VRChat and can be downloaded for free from our Patreon or from our Booth Page.
Billard world

The Corner Pocket

The Corner Pocket is a small two story pub. The layout surrounds a billiards table and players can play pool or spectate either near the game or from the second floor. You can turn on the TV and watch the game from anywhere in the world. The second floor has a stage and an outdoor balcony. There are stairs near the back and front of the bar. A video player allows players to choose their own music and the multiple mirror locations make it a nice place to hang out with friends.

VR Space Pool Tables

The Corner Pocket World uses a free community made billiards prefab. It can be accessed here. To work with this community made prefab, VR Space created a series of pool tables that can replace the current mesh included in the prefab. These pool tables are free to download.

Downpour at Night

Outside, a storm rages on with blaring thunder and bright lightning strikes. Inside, a dark cozy home, with many places to relax. The world is the interior space to a three story home. Looking through the windows, you can see the leaves on trees being blown around in the storm. Its the middle of the night, and most of the lights are off in the house. Walking around, you can find cozy areas, like the secret area in the attic, or the blanket fort in the basement. 

Office Spaces

Businesses will want to have a virtual office space for their workers. VR Spaces can design multiple rooms for different purposes. VR allows for face to face presence between co-workers and it can help encourage all employees to work together and feel  like they are in the same space again.
Blender:File:D:3D model Librarys3D Assets Working files.blend

3D Assets on Sketchfab

View our 3D assets available through Patreon and Sketchfab.
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