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e-Lanes VR Bowling Alleys

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e-Lanes Bowling Alley

E-Lanes are a series of bowling alleys, inside of VRChat, that use VR Space’s custom bowling prefab. The first e-Lanes world to go public is Galactic Bowling. E-Lanes Galactic Bowling is a small retro themed bowling alley. There are four lanes and multiple mirror locations. All e-Lane bowling worlds are available on Quest and PC. 

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Bowling Alley Prefab VRChat

Get the prefab and add a bowling game to your world.
Bowling_Alley_SGB_v1.2 Update

-Changed meshes to generate lightmap UV's in Unity.

Bowling_Alley_SGB_v1.1 Update

-Fixed game locking when leaving a game. Game should reset when all players leave.

-Fixed timing issue when pins don't reset properly. Game will now wait until pins are in the resting position before continuing to next frame.

-Prevented double-joining on the server/master side.

-Fixed throwing the ball too fast will break the lane. This was caused by reducing sync update time for quest performance. Decreased update times. May have a hit on Quest performance.
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