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Hidden Heights

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Hidden Heights

Hidden Heights is a multi story mansion, inspired by the homes found in the Seven Hills community in Las Vegas, NV. The world features a large pool, card games, billiards table, rock climbing, and a driving range. This world is optimized for both PC and Quest meaning all the features are available on the Android platform. 

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Driving Range Prefab

Hidden Heights features the Golf Game prefab developed by VR Space. The Golf Game is a driving Range game where players shoot golf balls into rings for points. Each player gets a certain number of golf balls. When all the players have hit the golf balls, the player with the most points win. The game was created specifically for VRChat and can be downloaded for free from our Patreon or from our Booth Page.

Import VRChat SDK3 into your scene first. 

Import Udon Sharp into your scene second ( 

Import the Golf_Game_SGB unity package.  

The Driving Lane prefab has a list of udon controls. Here you can find the amount of golf balls per game: 

The Ring prefab allows you to change the score number in the udon controls:




Models From This World Available on Sketchfab

 Several models from this VRChat world are available on the VR.Space Sketchfab page. 
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