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Subscription Service Update

All of my content is now being hosted on https://VR.Space.

My Patreon is going to be going through some major updates! The Patreon name will change to from “Spookyghostboo” to “VR.Space”! VR.Space is my studio where we build and create VR Worlds. We just launched our own store on https://VR.Space. Moving forward, all of my content will be hosted on https://VR.Space.

I will be freezing several tiers on my Patreon. The goal is to link specific Patreon tiers with our website, so that Patrons of the proper tier can access content hosted on https://VR.Space. For current Patrons, you will continue to get what was promised with the tier you subscribed too. For $10 tier Patrons, you will still have access to download worlds available at that tier, but any new content must be downloaded through https://VR.space subscription service.

With the launch of the store, we have packaged four new worlds! These worlds are: Personal Home Theater, Tall Cozy Bedroom, Abstract Ocean View Bedroom, and Simple Art Gallery. You can learn more about the worlds here.

Of course, I am working on several new projects. Two of my current projects are working on a world I’m calling Rowdy Residence and refurbishing an old world of mine, called 5th Street Bar.

Rowdy Residence is a large home and will be my next public world available on VRChat. Like most of my worlds, this home is designed in a loop and is two stories. There are tons of room for role play and multiple areas to mirror dwell. The world will be available for download on VR.Space and available to visit in VRChat.

A popular item on my Booth page are my bar props. I plan to refurbish 5th Street Bar in an attempt to get better bar props for Patrons. The bar is in a three story building with tons of room to hang out. It’s one of my favorite worlds to socialize in with large groups of people. I’m excited to fix this world up and make it available to people.

My last update is that The Black Cat Christmas version is currently being worked on! I plan to publish that update at the beginning of December. One of the Patreon tiers that I am freezing is the Black Cat poster tier. Currently there are too many posters and it’s very cluttered. I think I need to find a better system for that.



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