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How to upload VR.Space Mozilla Hubs World

Uploading to hubs is a bit different than uploading to VRChat or Altspace. Mozilla Hubs uses an in browser game engine to develop their spaces, called Spoke. The best way to get new meshes into Spoke is to use GLB files. GLB is a 3D file format that can hold more information than other file types. This allows you to save textures and mesh data all in the same file. For a platform like Hubs, you’ll have to either use the pre made world provided by us, or import each mesh individually and create the space yourself. Luckily, Spoke is an easy game engine to learn.

Spoke for Beginners

To create a Mozilla Hubs environment go https://hubs.mozilla.com/spoke. Press “Get Started” and create a new project.

Spoke is similar to other game engines. You have a scene window, various controls at the top left, assets at the bottom, and properties and a hierarchy to the left. Using your scroll wheel, you can zoom in and out. Pivot your view camera by holding down the right mouse button. Hold shift and click the scroll wheel to move your view camera around the scene.

You can import glb files by going to “My Assets” in the bottom section. Drag in glb files individually. After you have imported files you can drag them into your scene.

To publish your world, click the “Publish to Hubs” button in the top right. Follow the steps and save your project. As long as there are no errors in your environment, it should upload fine.

Things are much simpler for Hubs. The scenes have to be simple and optimized to work in the browser. This is a quick overview on how to create a world with Mozilla Hubs and Spoke. For a more in depth tutorial on how to create a Hubs world and use assets we provide on VR.Space, check out the embedded tutorial.



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