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What Headsets do I Use?

The headset I started with was the original Oculus Rift. I loved that headset. It was light, the controllers felt comfortable, and it was very reliable. I abused that headset for over a year and it never failed me. The Rift was moderately priced and offered a very good VR experience. An experience that I would imagine, still holds up today. Since then, I’ve owned a multitude of headsets. My second headset was the HTC Vive. I ended up buying the Rift S and the original Quest when they released. I then purchased the Quest 2 and I now use the Valve Index as my main headset.

HTC Vive

The Vive was the second headset I’ve owned. The Vive is not as reliable as the old Rift headset. Most of the time you plug it in and it works, but every once in a while I would end up having issues with Steam VR. Sometimes the headset just wouldn’t connect. These instances were rare, but it happened enough to make me miss my old Rift. The controller wands are uncomfortable, compared to the rift controllers. The entire headset feels clunky. All that being said, I did like the Vive. Once you get used to the controllers, it offers just as good of an experience as any other popular PC VR headset. Even though it was kind of clunky, it was a very durable headset.

Rift S

The Rift S is very bad. I don’t think I ever met someone who liked the Rift S. When the Rift S works, its a great headset. Its very comfortable. It has similar controllers to the Rift. The screen size was large. This headset was great, except it broke all the time. I constantly lost tracking for no reason. This seemed to happen with every Rift S and there was no comment from Facebook. They soon decided to stop supporting it, meaning the issues never got fixed. It was just a very expensive, unusable, headset.

Valve Index

The Index is the headset I use most. Its reliable, comfortable, and has given me the best PC VR experience so far. Not to say it is the best, but it’s the best that I’ve used. Its also the most expensive headset I own. I was weary about purchasing it because I’ve heard countless stories about the controllers breaking, but so far, mine are still holding strong. It’s definitely an upgrade from the HTC Vive.

Quest 2

The Quest 2 is a great headset. It has a cheap price point, has great specs, and can do a lot, even though its a standalone device. You can also purchase a wire and use it as a PC VR headset. Its really hard to complain about the Quest 2. If you’re someone who wants VR, and your budget is only a few hundred dollars, the Quest 2 is your best choice.



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