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Virtual Reality in the Future

Last Monday, Meta had their annual Connect event. Mark Zuckerberg spent a good portion explaining what VR will be in the future. This got me thinking of my own vision of VR in the future. My vision of VR in the future was solidify the first day I put on a VR headset. It’s surprisingly similar to what Mark Zuckerberg describes, though with a less dystopian capitalist lens.

I believe the VR headset will one day replace the home computer. I think it will make much more sense to use a standalone VR headset to do the things you normally do on your laptop and PC. This is why headsets like the Quest Pro and Simula VR are so interesting to me. Imagine a high school kid getting home from school, putting on their VR headset, doing homework on an unlimited number of monitors, and then immediately joining friends in a VR theater to watch a movie. That scenario seems realistic to me.

I’ve been a part of social VR for almost a half decade, so I know how powerful and fun it can be to hang out with friends in VR. In a VR headset you can be anywhere, talk to anyone, and use as many monitors as you’d like. I really want more monitors. I believe that headsets will be powerful and comfortable enough to be a more preferable alternative to your home PC.

I do think employees will work in VR, but I don’t think this can or should be forced. In the years to come some people may prefer to work and play in VR, while others won’t. Meta can feel dystopian when it feels like they are forcing people to be in a VR they control. I do not want a “metaverse” that is controlled by anyone. And I don’t want a “metaverse” that is highly commodified around crypto. I want one that is fun to be in and organically intertwined with our everyday lives. I always say I’m a big believer in VR and I still very much am.



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