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Monthly Update January 2023

The Black Cat WIP

This June, The Black Cat will be turning 4 years old. It’s gone through two iterations since it’s creation and I think it’s time for it’s third recreation. I’ve spent a good portion of this month remodeling the entire world!

This update will bring a ton to the world! I’ll be bringing back the golden plaque board for patrons. There will be Patreon specific features in the world, more poster locations, and the world will be full of all new meshes and props. Here are some of the beginning screenshots from the blender project.

PLEASE give me your input. If you like how it looks, let me know. If there’s something you don’t like, let me know. Also remember, these screenshots are WIP so ANYTHING can change. When the world is at a later stage in it’s development, it will become available for everyone to try out. I’ll be posting a link on my Patreon and twitter when that time comes. At the moment, I don’t know when this is planned to be completed.

Movie Theaters

This month I created a set of Movie theaters. There is a large theater and smaller personal theater included in the pack. If you only want the large theater, it is available for Free on my website. Below I will link the Packages available.

Booth: https://spookyghostboo.booth.pm/items/4484788

VR.Space: /downloads/cinema-pack-for-vrchat/


Furniture Pack

Throughout the past year, I worked on a lot of projects. I decided I would take the best meshes from all my projects and put them together to create a massive furniture pack. This is something I’ve been wanting to do, specifically because it would make finding meshes to reuse much easier for me. If you would like these meshes, hit the link! There is a free version of the pack available on my website.

Booth: https://spookyghostboo.booth.pm/items/4471972

VR.Space: /downloads/furniture-prop-pack-2022/



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