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Spending Time in Horizon Worlds

Every time I talk about Horizon, I feel like I’m saying something negative about it. While I have my issues with it, I do have an interest in building on it. I decided to spend some more time in Horizon to get a better feel of the platform.

I spent most of my time exploring random worlds. Horizon’s building system is entirely in game, similar to how Rec Room works. They’re is a coding feature in Horizon, so I wanted to test out the games. The games built by Meta were a lot of fun and worked really well. I played a disc golf game that was by a user, and it felt a bit janky, which is to be expected of user content. I also visited an art gallery, where I got to talk to some other players about the exhibit.

There is a learning curve for building on the platform. Luckily, Meta offers tutorials that explain all the tools. Once you learn the controls, building isn’t so difficult. Sometimes the objects can become difficult to maneuver around the space, but its not a difficult endeavor to make something simple.

Meta puts a lot behind its advertising and I believe they will draw in a large audience for the platform, which means there is the potential for a lot of organic engagement. On top of that, Horizon is very smooth and feels comfortable to play. I plan to continue playing and building on this platform.




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