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September 2022 Monthly Update

Halloween Black Cat

Happy Halloween! Its October, which means it’s spooky season. The Halloween version of The Black Cat has been published. Decorations can be found all around the map, along with a hidden cave. Next time you visit, run around and see what you can discover.

Soot, The Black Cat Mascot

Available on my Booth and Patreon, Soot the official Black Cat mascot. Soot is a free VRChat avatar that you can download. She can be found in the Halloween version of The Black Cat. Created by blueasis, she has a cute Halloween Costume, toggle-able clothes and can change colors.

Upcoming Changes

Not much content was completed this past month. A lot has been happening behind the scenes. I’ve hinted at changes coming to my patrons in the near future. As of right now, all my content is hosted on Patreon and Booth, but soon everything will be hosted on my website, https://VR.Space. I will discuss changes to Patreon as we progress. In the meantime, here are a ton of screenshots showing upcoming projects:




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