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Monthly Update March 2022

Hidden Heights

The past several months, I have been working on this world, Hidden Heights. Hidden Heights is a multi story mansion with a large pool, card games, billiards table, rock climbing, and a driving range. This world will be out soon, but for anyone who is a contributor tier or higher can access the current WIP world. My goal is to make it public by next weekend.

Link to WIP world: https://www.patreon.com/posts/hidden-heights-64551855

Golf Game Prefab

I have been working on a Golf Game prefab. This will be a free asset for anyone to download. The first version of this game will be available in my new world, Hidden Heights.

New WIP World

I started modeling a new environment this month. I have some ideas for this world, but nothing is concrete. Figured why not show this screenshot since its something I did this month.

Thats all I’ve got to share for this month. Keep a lookout for my new world! Thank you everyone who continues to support my work on Patreon and Booth. It means a lot <3



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