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Monthly Update December

Happy New Year

It’s 2023! I hope everyone had a really good new years eve. The Black Cat will be getting an update soon to return to normal. Let me tell you everything that happened last month!

New Worlds on VR.Space

I’ve packaged several new worlds including some free stuff. The free environment is a small bedroom that comes from a new tutorial I posted last month. If you want that environment you can download it here: /downloads/single-bedroom-video-tutorial/


There were also several worlds posted on my website. There will be a Patreon update in the near future that allows users to log into my website, using Patreon. Until then these environments will only be available on https://VR.Space and on Booth.

The first world posted in December was Skyscraper Office, which is an office environment that uses Udon to create several conference style rooms. This environment would be good for large events.

VR.Space Link: /downloads/skyscraper-office/


Next I posted Modern Living and Kitchen Space. This is a small environment that has many kitchen and living room props.

VR.Space Link: /downloads/modern-living-and-kitchen-space/


The last world posted is my newest public world, Rowdy Residence. This features a large suburban home with multiple bedrooms and a ton of furniture.

VR.Space Link: /downloads/rowdy-residence-vrchat-american-suburban-house/


There are more worlds coming! Right now I’m packaging some low poly environments that will work on several platforms along with a new furniture pack, since I haven’t done one in a long time.

Thank You and Happy New Year

Last note, I finally started recreating The Black Cat. I plan to give it a huge update this year. So heres a sneak peak to that! This project JUST started, so everything could change.

The Black Cat 2023

Thats all the updates I’ve got for now. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support my work and content. <3 Happy new year!!



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