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Virtual Reality Office Software

Virtual reality has made it so that even when there is a physical distance or barrier that keeps coworkers from being able to be together, everybody can still feel like they’re physically near one another. Companies all over the world have discovered the benefits of using virtual reality office software to make remote work feel less remote and improve communication and collaboration.

What Is Virtual Office Software?

Virtual office software creates an online workspace where coworkers can collaborate even when they’re not physically together. Remote teams have been able to connect through means such as video conferences and internal communication software, but virtual office spaces provide a stronger structure and framework for interaction and teamwork. Virtual office software creates a simulated workspace that allows coworkers to feel like they are truly in the same space while making it easy to share ideas and promoting productivity in a way that feels immersive and authentic.

Team Collaboration, Presentation, and Virtual Offices

Collaboration software is designed to help people meet, have discussions, collaborate, and make important decisions about anything work-related. Multiple companies have created some sort of variation of productivity software that makes it possible for employees to meet and work together at any time.

  • Glue: Glue is a collaboration platform designed to help remote meetings feel as immersive and realistic as face-to-face meetings. Thanks to virtual reality and cloud computing, teams are able to maximize their productivity potential even when they aren’t together.
  • Immersed: This platform allows coworkers to collaborate remotely by placing them in a single VR workspace that can hold up to seven people. It allows for screen-sharing, including multiple people screen-sharing at once, and can even be used on a PC for those team members who have yet to make the switch to VR.
  • MeetingRoom: This VR business software is devoted to transforming how businesses collaborate by offering virtual meeting spaces for up to 12 people that include all of the presentation tools workers need. The entire space can be manipulated by the team members using an array of collaboration tools. Like Immersed, while it is primarily a VR program, non-VR platforms are also available.

Design, Creation, and Prototyping

Meeting and presentation software is not the only type of virtual office software available for companies. For workers that need a space to brainstorm, sketch, and figure out spatial design and prototyping, companies have created collaborative programs that allow teams to work together in an immersive environment to complete designs in VR.

Workers collaborate in a VR office space
  • Sketchbox Design: This software offers a great collaborative space for design sessions, presenting new designs to other team members, and reviewing designs with a team.
  • Softspace: Softspace is a spatial thinking tool designed to best suit creative teams. In this app, teams can build virtual project spaces that can help them with organizing ideas, developing and brainstorming projects, and communicating to ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Visualization and Review for 3D Models

For companies whose primary approach comes from CAD designs, 3D models, big data, and complex code, it could be beneficial to choose an office software app that focuses on collaborative visualization.

A worker develops a 3D design using VR software
  • IrisVR Prospect: This app makes it possible to better communicate your vision with clients and team members alike. It allows you to make speedy and confident decisions by offering a true-to-scale viewpoint of your designs and letting you walk through 3D files with colleagues no matter how far apart you are.
  • PixyzReview: Import a variety of CAD models and interact with them using manipulation and visualization tools to help you see how they would appear on a desktop as well as through VR. This application creates an immersive and interactive experience for coworkers to collaborate on their designs.

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In the realm of virtual collaboration and productivity, the integration of business software platforms plays a crucial role. These tools not only facilitate efficient remote work but also enhance team dynamics and project management. As businesses continue to explore the potential of VR for workplace solutions, incorporating comprehensive business software solutions can significantly amplify the benefits, leading to improved workflows and greater innovation

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