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VR Business Apps: The Future of Office Work?

The adoption of VR technology into the wider market has done a lot not only for video games and entertainment but also for the world of business. The VR business applications are as endless as the types of businesses that can use them. Some businesses have taken to using VR to train their new recruits in safe simulations, while others have started using virtual reality for meeting spaces, especially as more people have begun working from home. Even headset creators like HTC and Oculus have sat up and taken notice, creating VR business apps of their own to encourage the use of virtual environments behind entertainment. Smaller companies are also getting in on the action and creating new ways to bring together coworkers working remotely.

Some of the VR office apps gaining attention and users include:

This app can have up to 32 users in one environment, all of whom have access to its screen-sharing, notes, and voice-to-text capabilities. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to get started and try it out; for $20 a month, users can get a pro account with more advanced features.

Workrooms was developed by Meta as the official collaboration tool for the Oculus Quest 2. It has multiple included environments and allows for 16 users to show up as virtual avatars, but that number can be increased to 50 if video calls are included. Users can even use their desktop instead of a VR device to get in on the fun.

Similarly to Horizon Workrooms, you can use a virtual avatar to sit in a meeting space to meet with your team. Compared to other virtual reality business applications, MeetinVR makes it simple to create an immersive and interactive way to increase engagement in meetings. You can easily take notes, produce a writing surface of your choosing, and import or display documents in a simulated environment. It’s best used in smaller team meetings of up to 8 people, but there’s an auditorium environment where up to 30 attendees can listen to one speaker.

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new VR business apps coming onto the market. As this field grows, the future of the corporate workplace might just be virtual.

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