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Virtual Reality Business Meetings

VR office meetings are becoming more popular by the day and are likely to grow in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted businesses to find new ways to work remotely and bridge the distance between people virtually. In a world that’s been connected by the Internet, this was a natural course for businesses to take, but the pandemic gave that progress a big push. Now, more new faces are showing up on VR by the day, and you might be surprised to learn how many people are using VR for business meetings.

Types of VR Business Meetings

There are so many ways that VR meeting spaces and apps allow businesses to move work into a digital space and let coworkers connect. Whether it’s a conference or a virtual work session, VR is changing the business game and offering companies some great new ways to work. Here are a few types of apps and business meetups that VR offers:


Standard Business Meeting/Video Call

VR has standard meeting and video call rooms for small groups, similar to Zoom and other platforms. VR tends to be more flexible than webcams, with less glitching and stilted words, better visuals, and more natural conversation flow. Usually, webcam rooms can only support one active mic at a time. VR mics are on an open stream and allow a natural conversation; there’s no cutting off another speaker and silencing their mic accidentally.

VR Conference

VR doesn’t have to be limited to small groups. There are conference apps that allow a speaker to present to a large audience, all in virtual space. There are also ways to set up a smaller conference for business purposes where everyone can sit around a large table or whatever location the host has chosen and discuss what’s on the agenda.

VR Remote Collaboration

This is a great option for architects, designers, and engineers who want to work together on a visual project. With 3D modeling, concepts can be shared and manipulated in virtual space. Creativity is inspired in these virtual workspaces that still feel like they’re giving users a hands-on experience.

Virtual Workspace

This type of virtual room is focused on solitude. The apps usually feature comfy settings free of distractions where workers can go to focus and get work done. People who struggle with focus while working from home might find this to be the perfect solution. It’s like carving out your own cubicle or office in virtual space.

Recreational VR Meeting Room

Consider this type of app your virtual water cooler! There are social spaces for coworkers to meet and chat about work, weekend plans, and other things like they would have in the coffee or break room. People who don’t meet physically in an office often miss this part of their workday. VR gives them a chance to recapture that experience.

There are also many types of VR business apps that can help boost productivity in addition to hosting business meetings. GlueThink Space, and InsiteVR are some of the most popular VR business apps used by professionals across a wide range of industries. Such apps have been crucial in the past several years as more businesses switch from in-person office settings to remote working conditions.

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