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Virtual Reality for Exercise and Fitness

Video games have traditionally been seen as a sedentary activity; a person sits on a couch or chair for hours staring at a screen where the only movement has been fingers moving buttons. However, with the rise of virtual reality (VR), that doesn’t have to be true anymore. VR headsets create an immersive experience with a 3D-generated virtual world, ambient sounds that make you feel as if you’re really there, and when you move, your in-game avatar does, too. Since your body acts as the controller in this cutting-edge technology, companies and 

Pic of a person using Oculus VR exercises

organizations have created apps and VR workouts to spice up your exercise routine. Virtual reality fitness is
poised to be a great alternative to going to the gym and allows users to get the same amount of exercise, if
not more, into their daily routine.

Are VR Games Good Exercise?

Absolutely! Virtual reality exercise is a great tool for people who struggle with the motivation of getting started on their fitness journey or for people who may be bored or burned out by workouts at the gym. VR games force you to be active in order to control the in-game character, which means that exercise is required for a fully immersive gaming experience.

When you pair a headset with VR exercise apps like SupernaturalFitXR, and The Thrill of the Fight, you can have fun in the comfort of your own home while also getting some exercise in. Even games that aren’t primarily billed as exercise games still require quite a bit of exercise involved.

The VR Health Institute has a VR Ratings page that covers how many calories per minute you might burn playing certain VR games and what kind of exercise in a gym that it’s equivalent to. VR fitness apps prove that gaming doesn’t have to be a sedentary activity for anybody. When you wear your virtual reality headset, you can get your workout in while you enjoy immersive and interactive virtual worlds.

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