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Break a Sweat With Virtual Reality Workouts

Not all of us have fun with fitness. Some people would rather play video games and get a bigger rush of endorphins from beating a hard level than they do from running a marathon. Fortunately, virtual reality gives gamers a way to get their exercise in while enjoying their hobby. VR fitness apps provide highly effective cardio workouts that use fun gaming mechanics to take the player’s mind off the burn.

vr workouts

Focused Fitness Apps for a VR Workout

A lot of VR games can work up a sweat, but the most effective are games and apps that are focused and designed for a workout. There are a lot of fun VR options that will help you burn calories while practicing your gaming skills.

  • Supernatural: In Supernatural, you’ll be coached by a team of fitness experts as they guide you through boxing challenges, flow, stretching, and meditation for a whole-body fitness routine. Flow is similar to a rhythm game with squats and lunges added in. The game has a wide variety of soundtrack of hits to do routines to and sets the stage in gorgeous scenes from around the world.
  • FitXR: This game is constantly changing, with new classes and workouts added every day. Activities can include boxing, dance, HIIT, and more. There’s a multiplayer option and a long soundtrack to enjoy.
  • HoloFit: This is an app that can be used with your home fitness equipment, like a treadmill, elliptical, or rowing machine. HoloFit has a lot of different locations and versatility. If you don’t have home equipment, there are also routines meant to mimic activities like biking and rowing.
  • VZFit: The fitness app VZFit uses Google Street View to make an immersive experience. Players can use exercise equipment like stationary bikes to virtually bike the world! For people who don’t have workout equipment, they can use the professionally designed “exerboard” workout.

Unexpected Fitness Through VR Game Exercise

Not all VR games that get your heart rate up are intended to be fitness games. There are plenty of rhythm games, sports games, and action games that will have you sweating in no time, even if the developer’s intention wasn’t to raise your heart rate. Beat Saber, Superhot VR, The Climb 2, and The Thrill of the Fight are just a few examples.

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