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VR Space Subscription

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Creating Custom VR Spaces and More

Download all of our VR worlds and spaces by becoming a VR.Space subscriber. VR.Space is a creative studio that focuses on creating and developing custom VR spaces. 

We Build Custom VR Spaces

We build custom VR spaces for businesses. The VR.Space team can develop environments for meetings, events, and VR public facing presence. 

VR Alternatives to your Business

Allow clients to choose how they interact with your business by creating a VR alternative. We offer one on one training to help companies use VR. 

Recreate a Real Life Environment

All our environments are optimized and game ready. We can bring your real world space into VR. 

Latest Worlds

Latest News


The Black Cat WIP Updates

The Black Cat is getting a visual makeover. This will be the third iteration of the world, since it’s creation. All new meshes and features for members. We’re bringing back the gold plaques for Patrons and adding a video player. The world is still a work in progress. Early access will be available publicly


Cinema Theater Pack

VR can give you a cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. I’ve spent a lot of time watching movies and videos in VR on several devices and platforms. The cinema theater pack is our most recent package. 


Low Poly Environments for Hubs

It’s our goal to have a variety of environments for lots of VR platforms. Mozilla Hubs is one of those platforms that I enjoy building on…


Rec Room Studios

Today, Rec Room announced they are partnering with Unity to create Rec Room Studios. Rec Room Studios will allow Rec

VRChat Competitors

Does VRChat have any serious competitors? I’ve been looking and I can’t confidently say that it does. There are several

Monthly Update August

Hey Everyone! Here is what I’ve been working on this past month: New Worlds Available This past month, two worlds

Meta Cambria Launch October

I’ve been anticipating the launch of Meta’s new headset, Cambria. It feels like Meta has been somewhat secretive about the

Custom social virtual reality spaces

Just like businesses realized they needed a website, they will one day realize they need a VR world.  Today is similar to the dot com rush of the late 90’s. Everyone is just now realizing that the future is going to be in the world of Virtual Reality. Soon, it will be imperative for all businesses to have spaces in virtual reality. Just like every business ended up having to have a website to rely upon for business, in a very short time, it will be the same way with virtual reality spaces.

The company was co-founded by Elaine Karapetian (AKA SpookyGhostBoo), who serves as the company’s President and Co-Founder. Elaine is also the creator of the most popular virtual reality world in VRChat, called “The Black Cat”. This one room has received over 40 million visitors so far

Since 2017, Elaine has created several 3D virtual reality spaces which you can find here, and you can see many of the stats on those spaces here.  Elaine has also created tools and educational YouTube videos to help others create their own VR worlds. You can also follow Elaine (SpookyGhostBoo1) on Twitter.

Elaine and the VR Space team specializes in creating spaces specifically tailored to social VR and can build on several VR platforms including VRChatHorizon Worlds, and Altspace. These rooms can be based on real world places, or they can be “Fresh and New” ideas of places that don’t exist in the real world.

Virtual Reality for Business and Office Spaces

All businesses of the near future will need a public facing presence in VR to interact with their customers, just like websites have been imperative for businesses for the last 20 years. We can build these custom VR spaces for you. Also, businesses should have a VR office workspace for the employees to interact in as well.

Virtual Reality Space for Your Business to Serve Customers (Public Facing)

Having a public-facing virtual reality space for your customers can open you up to a whole new market and put you ahead of the curve with where your customer will be going.

Virtual Reality Office Space for Your Employees

Businesses will want to have a virtual office space for their workers. VR Spaces can design multiple rooms for different purposes. VR allows for face to face presence between co-workers and it can help encourage all employees to work together and feel  like they are in the same space again.

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