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VR Deluxe Worlds, Mansions, and Custom Office Spaces.

Creating awe inspiring spaces is what we are passionate about. VR space specializes in creating large scale worlds, designed for a multitude of purposes. Some of our best worlds are VR Mansions and large scale environments. Build a large home to be a main meeting point with friends and colleagues. These deluxe worlds can be utilized for meetings, parties, and events. The VR Space team is capable of creating optimized spaces with specialized tools and games. 

Why build Large VR Worlds

Large worlds are great for large events. If you plan on having parties or large meetings, a large, optimized world is what you want. You want your visitors to feel comfortable in the space. This means the space needs to be built for performance and function for a multitude of situations. A well designed world can still feel populated even with smaller groups of people. A large VR world can become the hub of all your VR activities. 

Below is a screenshot from our Hidden Heights world. This is a large three story mansion on the side of a hill. This world is set up for large parties, offering a DJ booth above the outdoor pool. It has a multimedia area in the living room, which can be used for small meetings. There are also a multitude of games found throughout the environment, such as: bowling, golf, billiards, beer pong, and rock climbing. The world is strategically designed to make it easy for all the players to navigate the entirety of the world. You never feel lost and you never feel isolated in this world.

Hidden Heights

Level Design

When designing a virtual environment, you want to make sure that players are comfortable existing in that space. Regardless of the world size, players should be able to navigate it comfortably and with ease. 

The VR Space team is experienced with playing VR and we know what a comfortable space feels like. Worlds that are designed for a multitude of players to socialize should have large interiors with a lot of open space. VR Space environments have clear paths that allow the player to navigate easily. Even in large worlds, players can navigate from one end to the other seamlessly. The world should direct the player to key points in the map. 


We build content on a multitude of social VR platforms, but the one we advocate for the most, is VRChat. VRChat gives us the most freedom with creating content and is by far the most popular social VR application on the market. There are millions of users with tens of thousands of people playing at any given moment. VRChat utilizing it’s own programing language, Udon. Udon is a C sharp based programing language and it allows us to develop spaces with the most amount of control.

No matter what platform we choose to build on, we will be restricted by the limitations of that platform. Of all the platforms that exists, VRChat has the most freedom and highest player count. It’s difficult to beat. 

PC and Android Development

Our worlds are designed to be compatible with both PC and Android. No matter what device you use to play VR, you should be comfortable in a VR Space environment. We use techniques to optimize all of our spaces and use shaders that work on android devices. We utilize occlusion zones and atlas our textures to save on draw calls. Meshes are low poly and baked to save on memory. Tens of millions of players have been to our worlds and we have become known for our optimized environments. 

Game Development 

VR Space hires developers to help program specialized content. This means, any specific tools or games you may want, VR Space can deliver. VRChat is our favorite platform because of its use of C Sharp. Other platforms limit us on what we can do, but on VRChat our programmers can work to create almost any tool. Our most recent custom tool is our bowling alley. This bowling alley can be easily placed in any large scale VR environment, built for VRChat.

VR Space Build Process

VR Space works in three phases. The first phase consists of collecting all necessary information from the client and creating a block out. The second phase is where we model and texture the entire environment. The last phase is where we create the final product in VR. To learn more about our process and how we create large scale worlds, fill out the form and let us know you’re interested.

Interest Form

Reach out to VR Space to learn more about Deluxe worlds. Build your dream VR environment. VR Mansions and other worlds at this scale typically start at $50,000. 


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