VR Space specializes in creating VR experiences on user generated platforms. We build spaces where people already exist. Millions of people use social VR and user generated platforms to interact and hang out. The industry is growing every year.

Showcase Spaces

Showcase spaces can be hosted on a variety of platforms. Have customers experience your products from anywhere in the world. Link to VR experiences from your website. Depending on the limitations of the platform, your VR showcase can be extremely interactive. Build experiences on multiple platforms and allow your customers to choose what is best for them.

There are a variety of ways to showcase products in VR. Some platforms give us more freedom with what we can create. It may be easier for your customers to access some platforms rather than others. Here are some concepts:

Showroom Concept

 A common way to showcase products in VR is to create a virtual showroom. This is a VR environment that is made to allow the user to walk around and look at your product. Depending on the platform limitations, users can view and interact with your product. The setting for the environment can be anything you want. To show case a vehicle we could put the car in a dealership type space or maybe place it in front of a luxurious mansion. The space is limited only by the platform that hosts the content.

Interactive Experience Concept

VR Space can create an experience that allows users to interact with your product. In a VR environment with the Lucid Air vehicle, the user can walk around, open doors, customize, and possibly even drive the car. Depending on the platform’s limitations, we could create a driving simulation for the vehicle. A space like this could be used to allow users to virtually see the vehicle (much like in the showroom concept) or it can be used as general entertainment to help create brand awareness.