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Cozy Cave asset pack is a VRChat ready world using VRC SDK3 Udon. The package includes prefab props. Props include; bean bag chairs, bar, a variety of light sources, shelf, tables, sofas, chairs, and a television set. The package is organized between fbx files, prefabs, scenes, sfx, textures, and custom udon scripts. World meshes are organized by several prefab props and a base world as an fbx file. There are two scenes in the project. World scene is the ready made VRChat world. The Props scene is a scene with each prefab prop in it. Original blender file included in unity package. The custom Udon Script allows for gameobject toggle, gameobjects off, and a button sfx. Unity Package exported in Unity2018.4.20f1.


Visit the example VRChat world here: https://vrchat.com/i/drake-smallsurfbort-99de1

Cozy Cave VRChat World