Backyard Bliss features a fenced in backyard area to a modern American home. There is a small pool and a cozy hot tub to relax in. You can access one bedroom of the house through the outdoor window. Inside is a small comfortable room with a bed and TV. There is a second interior area inside the outdoor shed. Inside the shed is a billiard table and a book shelf with some props on it. String lights are hung up around the world. This small, cozy world offers a variety of hang out areas.

Props and furniture are individual prefabs making the world easy to customize. Move props around and add more props to the scene easily.

This world has post processing and lightmap UVs generated in Unity with baked lighting.

World Demo Link:

This world uses some 3rd party assets. Please Import packages in the order listed below.

-Import the newest VRC SDK 3 Udon Package into Unity.
-Import UdonSharp into your project:
-Import the VRCBilliards package for a working pool table:
-Import Cyantriggers for working UI buttons:
-Import the Backyard_Bliss_VRS Unity Package.